Talkin’ Books: December 3, 2014

Books Finished:
One in a Million by Jill Shalvis

Kindle Books In Progress:
No Promises Required by Cari Quinn

Print Books in Progress:
Invasive Species by Joseph Wallace
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: Director’s Cut

Comic Books:
None 🙁

Not much to report last week, so I skipped, and this week…well, the same, really. I feel like I need a good few days free for a reading binge, but I don’t see that happening soon. Bummer.

One in a Million was awesome, as are all the Lucky Harbor books, of course. I can’t remember if I have one left, or if this was the last one, but I’ll figure it out next payday. 😉

Invasive Species is pretty darn freaky. And I’m glad I didn’t read it this summer. Though I did vacuum up a bunch of wasp corpses this past weekend, which kind of gave me the heebie-jeebies in light of the book, which I’m about half-through with. Ugh. *shiver*

No Promises Required is good so far…but I always like Cari’s books. If you like a little light kink with your romance, she’s one of the best go-to writers, and I believe she has a new book out just recently as well.

And I need a nice day to open the Harley Quinn Annual comic. Because it’s poly-sealed. And supposedly stinky. The comic shop guy mentioned pot. I bought too copies, naturally. 😉

One to save sealed, of course. Sheesh. *shakes head*

And that’s pretty much it, I’m sorry to say. But who knows? Maybe this will be my lucky week, television going to the reruns again and all…

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