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I’ve been having some trouble getting into the books I’ve started recently. I started one that I’m not even going to name, because the first 25 pages or so (out of around 600 total) mostly had me just wishing all the characters would die. Even the would-be protagonist (note, my husband made it through the whole thing, and he said it doesn’t get any better). I’m not one of those people who finishes books just to finish – if they don’t grab me, I put them down and odds aren’t good that I’ll pick them back up. There are too many *good* books out there waiting for me to read them…

Speaking of good books – if you’re a historical romance fan, I think The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan is still free for Kindle. I picked it up last week and read it in a couple days this weekend. She’s easily one of my favorite authors…I buy her books whenever I want a great historical about a strong woman doing what women weren’t supposed to do back then. Great stuff! 

I started Edward Adrift by Craig Lancaster…and I’m sad to say that while I realize Edward’s been through a lot, the character just isn’t ringing true for me anymore for some reason. I won’t get into specifics, but I’m finding parts of this sequel rather unbelievable, which isn’t helping. And all the swearing just seems more like he’s stumbled into some kind of controlled turrets (?) syndrome. I may keep reading, I may not…we’ll see. I wanted to like this book, but it’s kind of just annoying me at this point. 

Wild for You by Sophia Knightly is a romantic suspense, and held my attention for a little while, but it’s kind of losing me too. Normally as long as the grammar/structure of a story is more or less “average”, I ignore little nits/misses here and there. And there’s nothing wrong with the grammar/punctuation of this story – not so I’d notice, anyways. But head-hopping – switching character points of view without a clear scene change or some sort of space between paragraphs just to signal a clear switch – that confuses me, and stops the flow of the story for me. I just ran into one such instance early on, and I’m not sure if it’s just a slight formatting mistake or if that’s her personal “style”. I’ll probably keep reading eventually…for awhile, anyways. 

I was so “adrift” in my current reads last night that I knew I needed something guaranteed to be good, so I opened up Beautiful Sorrows by Mercedes Yardley. I finished the story I’d left off on, a lovely and sort of sad little story about a boy with holes in his hands, and then continued on to the next story wherein a man is out on a ledge contemplating suicide, and the person inside working wishes he would either jump, or not, but ultimately quit being so distracting. It suited my mood perfectly just then.  

After finally getting my hands on a copy of Justice League #18 this past weekend, I read that, and then my copy of #19. I was…underwhelmed by #18, and #19 wasn’t the grandiose issue I’d been expecting either. Dang it. I don’t know that I’ll be following this series regularly…we’ll see, but it’s not like I don’t already have plenty to read…

I’ve started catching up on Age of Ultron as well, though once again, I bought the latest copy without the copy before that. I really need to keep better track of what I have and what I’m buying while I’m in the store. A smaller tablet will make that less cumbersome, methinks. 

I’ll finish that draft today or tomorrow – I should have finished it last week, but sort of got distracted. Thing is, you can’t go wrong with a Carol Ward book, draft form or final. I love that.  

And that’s my week in books. A lovely novella, a very suitable short story, and several disappointments. Here’s to better reading this next week, eh? 

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