Talkin’ Books: Edward, Spider Bots & a Happy Kitty…

‘Twas another exciting week in books, although I didn’t read nearly
as much variety. I was actually on the verge of a decent binge earlier
this week, until I figured out I was nearly done with one of the books
I’m writing (which makes me want to hole up like a hobbit and type until
I’ve written “The End”).

In any case, I did indeed read 600 Hours of Edward by
Craig Lancaster this week, and enjoyed it very much until the end,
which was both left open and, I maintain, abrupt (the author disagrees –
I dare you to read it for yourself and decide). I am rather anxiously
awaiting April now, and Edward Adrift,
which continues our buddy Edward’s story. Incidentally, I borrowed 600
hours, and if you have an Amazon Prime account, you can too. Can’t beat
reading for free, right? Edward is a good guy – I like him, though I may
identify with him just a tad too much for comfort regarding daily

Incidentally, he lives one block over and one block up from where I
grew up. So this book will also give you a nice overview of my city as a

After I finished with Edward, I dove into Wolf Nip
by Vivian Arend (because who doesn’t like a good paranormal romance to
follow literary fiction, eh?). Loved it! It’s a wolf/cougar shifter
story, and there is much purring and petting and other fun stuff to be
experienced. The whole cat/dog thing should be weird to me, but odd as
it sounds, I’m okay with it when the cat is as big as the wolf. It’s
paranormal fiction. It doesn’t have to make sense! In any case, it’s
awesome, and warm and fuzzy and takes about an hour and a half to read.
Highly recommended, as with anything by Vivian.

As for comic books – ugh. Seriously, the comic book world is about
the most tangled up web I’ve ever tried to make sense of. Every time I
pick up something new to try, it ties into something else that I then
want to read, and that branches into a zillion more little side stories
and continuities…I mean, how the heck am I supposed to keep up with
all of this? The only thing I can say is, comic book creators are evil
geniuses, every last one of them.

*Ahem.* ANYways…

Last weekend I read the first Jungle Book
comic, which I loved (go figure). There are five in that first story
series, and then another series starting *today* (dang it), so I need to
figure out whether it’s important to have the actual books, or just
read them digitally. I’m leaning towards digital for those, although the
artwork is really quite lovely and vibrant. Maybe I’ll just buy the
collections in trade paperback when they come out if I want the

I also read the Sleepy Hollow comics
I have, and they’re intriguing, but not enough to hold my interest, I’m
afraid. Which is actually okay, considering all the comics I do want to

I was lucky enough to find the Montana cover for the #1 issue of Justice League of America,
which I promptly read, and decided I need context from the regular
Justice League series (interesting premise though!). Of course. But
where to start? I picked up the latest Justice League #17,
and haven’t read it yet, so I’ll start with that and backtrack until
I’m “un-lost”, I think. At least there’s only 17 issues in the latest
iteration, all available digitally…

And of course I found and read Superior Spiderman #4
too. I have to say, I really, really want my own army of spiderbots.
Someone order those up for me for Christmas, K? Or better yet,

So what’s on the reading list this week? So far, it’s kind of sparse. I’m in the midst of A Kiss at Midnight
by Eloisa James on my kindle (historical romance, Cinderella-style),
and enjoying that. I managed to find the last three issues of The Amazing Spiderman (to provide context for Superior Spiderman – see what I mean?), so those are on my list, as well as that Justice League #17.
I’ve got an insane TBR list on my Kindle and I’ve been eying some
paperbacks a friend sent to me a long time ago, so we’ll see what I’m in
the mood for once I finish these…

What are you reading this week?

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