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My Funny Valentine by Rhonda Nelson (Sweet Temptations boxed set)
Rescue My Heart by Jill Shalvis

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Short & sweet this week, much like my reading time/choices. I finished My Funny Valentine
(which isn’t a Valentine’s day novel, though it could be – Valentine is
the last name of the heroine), which was cute and a feel-good little

Then I went back to Tatterdemon for awhile…still enjoying it, even though it’s quite gory…

week last week went south in a pretty big hurry, and in times like
those, I need…escapist fare. Not only was the day job killing me
mentally, but I was having a little personal pity party about my books
& writing. Rescue My Heart went on sale
for $1.99 (I believe it still is – go grab a copy!), so rather than
wallow in my annoying personal “issues”, I grabbed a copy and started
reading, determined this time to read not *just* for pleasure, but also
to figure out what it is about her novels that suck me in and won’t let

I have a really hard time
reading critically when I pick up a piece of fiction, unless it sucks,
which most don’t. But I really want to know what draws me into the books
I like, because I want to work that quality into my own writing voice
so I can draw others in. Sneaky, right? Obviously I can’t/won’t copy
other authors – it’s more than that. It’s about taking what draws me to
them, and twisting the basic quality to work with my own voice.

got about a chapter in before all that went out the window, of
course…because once again, I was sucked into the story. But I did
manage to force myself to step back and consider what I’d read, and why
it was compelling every time I had to close the book for awhile.  The
results were…enlightening. And yes, I did still enjoy the book very
much even while analyzing my response to it, because I saved the
analytics until I had to stop each day. I need to do that with more of
what I read…it’s a good way to study the writing craft “in the wild”.
Way more fun than reading books on writing!

In any case, the job has leveled out, and so have my stress levels, so it’s back to Tatterdemon and Two Graves this week. And a couple of Batman: Year Zero comics calling my name too, dang it!

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