Talkin’ Books: Fated Mates & Digging Up Thrills

Believe it or not, I didn’t get any comic book reading done this
past week. None. Nada. Zip! But I didn’t get a lot of other reading done
either, mainly because I was so focused on finishing the draft of Sleep With Me.
When I reach the point where I’m within a few scenes from the end of a
draft (and it always ends up needing more work than I thought – always),
I tend to go into hyper-focused writing mode. A little
obsessive/compulsive switch flips in my brain, and finishing the draft
is all I can think about until it’s done. So I was working on that every
spare non-day-job moment last week for the most part.

I did finish reading A Kiss at Midnight – the historical romance by Eloisa James, and enjoyed that very much. Then I started What the Heart Wants,
a paranormal romance by Kelli McCracken, which I think I downloaded for
free a couple weeks ago. I’m not sure if I’m really connecting with it
or not, which is ironic since the main characters have been connected
for a long, long time, it would seem. But I’m engaged enough to keep
reading. The main female character’s name is “Heaven”, which just
strikes me as a bit cheesy (when I was growing up, a lot of moms were
naming their kids “Nevaeh”, which is Heaven spelled backwards and I
thought that was cheesy too). Her sisters are “Faith” and “Hope”, of
course. The names are tripping me up a bit, obviously, but not enough
for me to quit reading.

At Hastings this weekend, I picked up a couple more comic books, including the New 52 Batman #0 I put back last week and a Justice League (#13)
that I mainly bought for the cover though the story does look
interesting. If I decide I like the Batman comic, I have 17 issues to
catch up, just like the Justice League series. At this rate, I’m going
to need a third job just to support my comic book habit…though I’m
going to set up some subscriptions this week that should make them a bit
more affordable.

Hubby found a Jack Reacher book he hadn’t read yet (I don’t read
them on account of the first person narrative – read one, couldn’t
really connect with it though I liked the character), and we also found The Third Gate by Lincoln Child
– which I started reading a couple nights ago. So far, it appears to be
another archeological thriller/mystery, but the whole thing has been so
mysterious for the first 5 chapters that I’m just not sure yet. Looking
forward to seeing where it goes though – Lincoln rarely disappoints me.

And that’s pretty much it for the past week. Now that my draft is
done and I don’t have any more in an “almost finished” state, I should
have more time for reading again, and I’m hankering to read those
Amazing Spiderman comics sitting on my dining room table…

So…read any good books lately?

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