Talkin’ Books: February 11, 2015

Books Finished:

Kindle Books In Progress:
The Indie Author Power Pack 

Print Books in Progress:
White Fire by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Comic Books:

Not much to report…again. *sigh* I have been working on White Fire quite a bit – it’s just one of those books that you pick up and think, “I’ll read one chapter before bed.” And then you look up again after the sixth chapter that night, realize you do actually have to get up in the morning, and reluctantly dog-ear the page before forcing yourself to put it down and turn out the light.

So…good book, in other words. And getting better by the page…

I’m also still working on Write, Publish, Repeat from the The Indie Author Power Pack, and gaining a few nuggets of wisdom here and there.

What I’d most wanted to get to this week, and ended up having to forgo due to extra writing time needed and an impromptu aquarium swap, was my Harley Quinn comics. There are special Valentine’s Day Harley’s out this week, and I’m headed to the local comic shop on Saturday because they’re having a super-awesome sale, so I was hoping to get all caught up by then. Alas, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. But Valentine’s Day is a great day for reading anti-heroes, right? (Just nod & smile, nod & smile…)

Maybe if I get caught up with the writing, I can spend part of President’s Day (next Monday, and a federal holiday, so I’m off work) hunkered down with my comic book stack.

Now I think I’ll get this scheduled, and then head to bed for more White Fire goodness…

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