Talkin’ Books: Gods, Corpses, & Barbarian vs. Civilization

I finally finished Gideon’s Corpse
a few days ago…the ending did pick up, and I probably will read the
next one too. He’s interesting in a very fatalistic way, and I’m curious
to see what happens next.

Of course I saw the other day on Preston & Child’s FB page that
the next Pendergast book comes out on 11/12/13…which made me happy
for about two seconds until I realized it would probably be in hardcover
so it will be a good wait before I can get the paperback. Dang it. So
1900’s. But the book just before it, Two Graves
will finally be out in paperback July 30th, so I’ll be reading that
this summer. Well, after my husband gets done with it. His birthday is
July 31st, so I suppose he gets first dibs…

Hubby hasn’t completely embraced e-reading yet, so we still buy
paperbacks of our favorite thriller/adventure authors, since we both
read those. 

I also read the Godstorm
comics #1 – #3 this week…and I was disappointed, I’m sad to say. I
was so intrigued by the premise in issue #0 that I bought the whole
series to date (#4 is out today, I think – I’ll skip it), and it isn’t
at all what I expected. Ah well. Win some, lose some, eh? Maybe Hastings
will let me trade them in for some other comics I want. Superior Spiderman #4 is out today (must have!), and I’d like to try the new Justice League of America #1 as well (and along with it, might check out the regular Justice League comic too). I can’t decide whether to jump in on the All New X-Men while it’s still young or not (#9 is out today, I think), might buy one issue just to check it out, and Savage Wolverine #2 is out this week as well, but I’m waffling on that. We’ll see. I think I may just wait until the regular Wolverine reboots in March, and check that one out instead. And there’s the Fairest
comic I’d like to catch up on, but I might just do that one in digital,
rather than print. I sort of love print comics for the artwork and
potential collector’s value (like a nice fabric or leather-bound
classic), but I do need to be a little picky, because where would I put
them all? My bookshelves are bursting with…um…books…so yeah. Need
to decide which of these I want to actually collect, and which I can be
happy just reading digitally. I also need to subscribe to the ones I
really want, because it’s insanely expensive to keep buying at cover
prices every two weeks or so. At least the Marvel comics come with a
free digital copy – which makes it nice, since I can have the print, but
read the digital while I’m working out.

Last night, I also finished Wolverine’s Daughter,
and quite enjoyed it. I think I have another fantasy story from Durgin
featuring the same main characters on my Kindle, so I’ll revisit the
world eventually. Very engaging with the whole “barbarian vs. civilized
folk” theme running through it, where (somewhat predictably) the
barbarians aren’t at all, but rather are just different.

So what’s up next on the reading list? Well, the only thing stopping me from reading 600 Hours of Edward
by local author & all around nice guy Craig Lancaster is that it’s
written in the first person, and I tend to eschew first person
narratives. But the second book is coming out this spring, and Edward
(who is autistic, I think) just sounds like such an intriguing person
that I’m determined to at least jump in and give it a shot. Craig’s an
awesome literary author, and it’s been awhile since I’ve spent time with
anything in that vein, so it’ll be a nice change. I’ll read that on my

On the comic front, I have a slew of miscellaneous comics on my dining room table, waiting for me to try them out. Sleepy Hollow, Grimm Fairy Tales, Alice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book from Zenescope, Conan Lord of the Spiders #1-3, Sherlock Holmes: Liverpool Demon #1,
and a stack of Vertigo comics that came in a grab bag. So plenty to
choose from there, plus the new ones I want from this week’s releases. This too will wind down – I just go a little haywire when I discover something new, and have to explore everything before I settle into a niche (or two).

As for the new nightstand book, I’m not sure yet. Gotta look and
see which books we’ve picked up lately that don’t have broken spines

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