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I really did intend to catch up on some comic books this week. I mean, I got the latest Superior Spider-man in the mail, and it’s still in plastic! That’s just wrong, really. Alas, I’ve been reading and watching and doing other things (obviously). Perhaps this will be the week I get to catch up? 
In any case, last week I mentioned that Ford Forkum saved me from my “restless reading problem” with his latest novel, Beers in Heaven. I wasn’t being (overly) dramatic either…it really did pull me right out of my reading slump, and into an alternate dimension in which heaven is…wel
l, a place with problems, just like earth. Or problem adults, rather. And a giraffe named Woobles who I spent most of the book worrying about, poor thing. And a dog who I worried about from his first mention until finally there was resolution in the end (because I worry about dogs, you know). 
Obviously since I’d been in a slump, I started reading on a pretty shallow level. I wanted something light and fun, and this book certainly is that. But there are many philosophical and theological layers that one could explore if he or she wanted to as well. I have a fairly extensive (though somewhat neglected) background in the study of both philosophy and theology, I found the deeper layers sort of seeping into my mind without any effort on my part as I read, taking me past the surface where Forkum really explores the age-old questions of what the meaning of life actually is, and how we define ourselves once we travel that path of self-discovery. 

Honestly, even now, several days after I’ve finished and several chapters into other books, I’m still looking back and pondering certain parts of Ford’s story for philosophical relevance. It’s rare that a book has such charm and wit on the surface, and yet sticks with you for days after while you mull over the deeper issues so cleverly infused in the writing. 

Grab a copy. Read it. Whether you stick to the shallows, or wade out to discover the deeper fare, you’ll be glad you spent the time. 
As a point of disclaimer for those who might care…Ford and I are acquainted through social media, and have been known to chat here and there on occasion. I’m a big fan of his work, but the man himself also intrigues me as a person, so yeah, I’m biased. I’m okay with that. And I still say you should read both of his books (hint: they actually do fit together in a shirt-tail sort of way….). 
I didn’t do much other reading this week, obviously. I did start The Proteus Cure, which is off to a very intense and interesting start so far. And I “rescued” Two Graves from the nightstand so as soon as I finish this, I’ll be diving back into that for an hour or so before I head off to bed. It feels good to be invested in books again. Just needed a little “flip”, as we all do sometimes…

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