Talkin’ Books: Historical Sci-fi & Other Odds n Ends…

As I said last week…busy month. But October always is, right? In any case, I finished Dance with the Enemy,
which was good, and ended better than I thought it would. I’m waffling
on picking up the next one, but only because historical romance (well,
this is sort of historical…more sci-fi, I guess) is long by it’s very
nature, and when life is busy, I want books I can cruise through
quickly. Snack-sized, you might say. Great book though – I’d certainly
recommend it. 

I also finished Magical Misfire,
and naturally it was *better* than I remember it (because this is the
final, edited version, of course). It’s a swashbuckling adventure of
medieval and magical proportions, and actually fits quite nicely with Dance with the Enemy,
aside from the fact that it’s not a romance (but there’s romance in
it…). So…you know. Pick the both up for double the reading

I’ve gotten far enough in Two Graves
now that I’m peeved I haven’t been able to pick it back up in several
days. Here’s hoping the next time I get to it, I’ll have several hours
to steep myself in the story, because really, it needs me to…

Hot Secrets
is a romantic suspense I picked up for…well, nothing at the beginning
of the month, and it’s both hot, and rather suspenseful, so I’m
enjoying it very much. Again, annoyed every time I have to put it down,
which is more often than I get to pick it up these days. *sigh* Luckily,
it’s not a huge book, so I’m just about done with it, and as much as I
want the others in the series, I’ll refrain for awhile. I have a ton of
new books to read…

In short fiction, I read The Goblin Moon this week to check it out for the Month O’Screams
event on my alter-ego’s blog. I decided to just post an excerpt there,
because it’s just that much fun…people should buy it, and it’s only 99
cents (and a quick read). A perfect little “treat” for Halloween.

that’s it for this week…I’d like to hope I’ll have more reading time
next week, but alas, it’s not to be. Dang it. And now I have all these
great horror/suspense/thrillers on my kindle from that Month O’Screams
event just begging to be read, which is quite thrilling, really. I even
bought a zombie novel. And I’m not really keen on the whole zombie thing

…though I may *be* a zombie by the end of this month…

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