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Is there really anything better than books and tea late at night? I think not…

So I’m *still* working on Tatterdemon,
which just gets more and more…well, gross, to be perfectly honest.
Having written a tiny little bit of horror myself, I find myself looking
at this from a more critical eye (not critical in the “what’s wrong”
sense, but in the structural “how can I replicate this” sense). Which is
both good and bad – good in the sense that I’m analyzing what makes
good horror “good”, and bad in the sense that normally, if a book is
that good, it won’t allow me to analyze much because I’m so deep into
the story as I’m reading. But it’s horror, and pretty graphic at that,
so I think not going “deep” is a good thing in this particular case. The
mind has to protect itself sometimes (no, Ardee-ann, this isn’t a book
you should read).

I read another dark and far less disturbing little horror piece this week as well: The Corpse of Madeline Hill
by Edward Medina. Written more in a verbal history style, it’s a story
of love, bigotry, and ultimately revenge…and in stark contrast to Tatterdemon
where I’m pretty sure there is no real protagonist, Madeline is well
justified in her actions and very creative in executing them as well.
It’s a perfect little legend that will make you think of Ms. Hill every
time you pass a cemetery or drink a nice bottle of rich red wine, but
it’s not terribly graphic. Highly recommended, as usual with Ed’s work. 

did manage to get a little comic reading in too, and I’m completely
jealous of the lovely rooftop garden Poison Ivy created for Harley’s
little refugees in the second issue of Harley Quinn. I’m still trying to decide whether or not I liked the first issue of the new Marvel Now Wolverine
series…something feels “off” about it, but I can’t put my finger on
it. Maybe I need to catch up with the “grillable” series arc first, and
fill in some pieces? We’ll see. It’s on my shopping list…

And finally, I started Neverwhere
by Neil Gaiman this week. I thought it was fitting since we’re going to
hear him speak this Friday night. I started American Gods awhile back,
but I sort of lost interest…or maybe that’s not really the right
phrase. I enjoyed what I read, but it’s such a tome that I took a break
to read something short, and never quite got back to it. Maybe
someday…but so far, Neverwhere is off to an interesting start.

really enjoying the writing style – even just a short bit in there have
been several phrases that jump out at me as “quotable”. Should be an
interesting read, methinks.

it for this week…bits and pieces, really, though I find myself
craving a good, short romantic comedy to counterbalance all the more
somber stuff floating through my head. Perhaps I’ll splurge this week.
Jill Shalvis has a new book out…

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2 comments on “Talkin’ Books: Horror, Comic Books & Gaiman…

  1. Carol

    I didn’t like American Gods or Anansi Boys nearly as much as Neverwhere. You might enjoy Stardust and Coraline by Gaiman too. 😀

  2. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, thank you for the warning about Tatterdemon. I think I had already made that decision after reading the little bit about it and from it that were posted on your blog in October.

    I do appreciate you looking out for my best interests. Thank you also for sharing about what you are reading.