Talkin’ Books: Hot Dragons & Grave Secrets…

Know how I was excited to get more reading time last week? Yeah. That
was before I had to get three stories written on a super-short deadline.
My own fault, of course, for not getting them done earlier, but it did
pretty severely cut into my reading time. Dang it. 

No comics for me last week, which is a bummer. The unread stack is just sitting there on the dining room table, The Amazing Spiderman #700 open to the last page I read, mocking & tempting me in equal measure every time I walk by. 

Cheeky little bastards, as Craig Ferguson would say.

I will read you this week, my pretties. Oh yes. Your time is coming very soon…

mind me. Ninety minutes of sleep in the last twenty-four hours (sick
dog who seems to be starting to slowly recover) will do that to a

I manged to work in a few more chapters of The Third Gate by
Lincoln Child, wherein there is a rather grave secret, and that’s all
I’ll say because spoilers suck. Writing got in the way temporarily, but
the frantic writerly rush is over now, which is handy. 

And I read a lot more of Dragon’s Kiss by
Tielle St. Clare (much of it while I was up with the sick dog last
night), and the storyline is really quite intriguing, though I’ll admit
to skimming sex scenes because I kind of get bored with them after
awhile. Is that sacrilegious to admit (considering I write rather steamy
scenes myself and even erotica under one of my pen names)? I mean, this
author is a great writer, so they’re well done, but it wouldn’t matter
who it was. I just…get bored reading sex scenes after a while. The
whole dragon mythos in this story is just really fascinating though, and
I find myself wondering about certain possibilities for the characters
as they travel their story arcs. It’s not predictable, and while I’m
perfectly fine with predictable stories, there’s certainly a draw to one
I can’t guess the ending to just yet. Hopefully it won’t disappoint…

all I had time for last week, sadly enough. Or not, considering all the
writing I got done. Still, to an author reading is one of the most
important things we can do to “refill the well” and learn our craft (as
well as let our minds relax for awhile), so too important to let slip
for very long. 

Until next week, happy reading! 

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