Talkin’ Books: June 25, 2014

Books Finished:

Kindle Books In Progress:
Dare to Love by Carly Phillips
Tatterdemon by Steve Vernon

Print Books in Progress:
The Eye of God by James Rollins

Comic Books:
Harley Quinn #7

A quiet reading week this week, but a good one, nonetheless.

I just finished the latest Harley Quinn comic book, and she really cracks me up. And when she and Poison Ivy get together, watch out! They finally figured out who put the hit out on her this issue, and it was definitely a twist, though I think it could have gone another direction. In any case it was a fun, violent little read, and I have to say, Harley’s love of the macabre just makes her that much more special. Can’t wait for the next one!

I got back into The Eye of God this weekend, but not for long enough, really. With that novel, it would be great to have a good solid chunk of a couple hours to just read and read. Maybe this weekend, if I’m good and get all my writing done early? Tempting. Definitely tempting. There’s just…so much going on, in so many directions, but it’s fascinating, so far. so much history and setting in his books…

Dare to Love isn’t quite what I’d expected, honestly – it’s more, and far deeper in terms of character back-story and ensuing issues than the average romance novel. I’m enjoying it, but it’s also kind of a thinker, and I’m constantly waiting for what comes next. Sign of a good writer, right there…

And that’s about all the reading I did last week. Next week I’m determined to catch up on my Batman Eternal comics, and I’ll be adding some non-fiction to the list as well, having ordered what amounts to a crash-course in writing craft and technique. Should be interesting at the very least.

Until then, happy reading! Read any good books lately?