Talkin’ Books: June 4, 2014

Books Finished:
Slow Ride Home by Leah Braemel

Kindle Books In Progress:
Blank Canvas by Mari Carr
Tatterdemon by Steve Vernon

Print Books in Progress:
The Eye of God by James Rollins

Comic Books:
Harley Quinn #6

You know how when you like an author, and then you open their next book expecting what you like, and that’s not at all what you get? It’s disappointing, right? So it was for me when I opened up Cari Quinn’s Shadowboxer. It’s first person narrative (the main character is narrating). First person stories don’t “do it” for me, and in romance, I find it’s doubly irritating. So if you like first person romance, you might want to check that one out. I’ll be deleting my copy, as I have plenty of other books to read.

In any case, I’ve gotten a lot of free and low-cost books lately (Shadowboxer being one at .99 cents). So it’s not like I didn’t have anything else to choose from. I opened up Blank Canvas by Mari Carr, and am hooked on a woman getting a fresh start and a new tattoo. My romance “fix” is set for awhile. I was going to go back to Tatterdemon, but…not quite yet.

The Eye of God is off to a great start, but it’s Rollins, so…duh. And I need to hurry my way through it because Innocent Blood, the second in his and Rebecca Cantrell’s vampire novels is finally out in paperback! Woot! “So many books, so little time” is trite, but oh-so-true. *sigh*

I was hoping to get caught up with my Batman Eternal comics this week, but alas, I got sidetracked by other things. This weekend, perhaps? We’ll see.

Harley Quinn #6 didn’t disappoint…such a fun, funky comic book to read. How can you not love that strange, freaky little girl-clown-therapist? I should do a giveaway with some Harley Quinn comics. Maybe when my comic shop romance comes out, eh?

And that’s it for now…it’s late Tues night (or really early Weds – however you want to look at it) and I need sleep. And no, I still haven’t decided on the Song of Fire & Ice (Game of Thrones, for you TV show watchers) books yet (as in, to read or not to read). Feel free to try to convince me if you have strong feelings one way or the other…

One comment on “Talkin’ Books: June 4, 2014

  1. Dolly

    All I gotta say about Games of Thrones books – don’t read them until the damn series is done! It’s seriously annoying me. It’s one thing to have a book out once a year, or hell even a year and a half, but just endless wait is, in my opinion, far too selfish of a writer.

    Books are good, but if the stories are left unfinished, then not much point.