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Guardian Agent by Dana Marton (short collection)

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slow-but-steady week for reading around here. It’s fall, and there’s
lots going on (including the new TV season – yay!), so my reading has
been mostly relegated to lunch hours. Still, I’m reading great books for
the most part, which is always fun. 

moved the Dana Marton collection down to the short fiction pile because
as it turns out, they’re shorter novellas, not full novels. And while I
actually appreciate that length more than a normal-sized novel (I’m all
about reading more, faster, I have to say I was a little disappointed
in the romance aspect of the first romantic suspense in the collection.
It seemed like the reconnection happened way, way too fast, and they
were professing love for each other with no real basis for it, IMO. Of
course I’ve done the same thing in at least one of my books, so I
understand how that happens, it was just a little disappointing. The
overall story/suspense was great though…

Magical Misfire is still awesome – better than it was the first time, of course. And Dance with the Enemy
is rather intriguing, though I’ll admit that I was completely lost with
several of the terms used in the first chapter without any kind of good
context or hints at definition to help out. Now that I’m into it a
ways, it’s slowly sorting itself out in my head, thank goodness. 

I actually got to read a few more chapters in Two Graves
this weekend too, and I’m anxious to get back to it, because I had to
put it down at a rather inopportune spot, dang it. *sigh* I hate when
that happens!

Last night I was all set to get caught up on some comic book reading, but I barely made it through Superior Spiderman #16
before falling asleep. I don’t know…I mean, I still enjoy it, but
this “unchecked” spiderman seems like he’s spiraling out of control. I
really don’t know how much longer he’ll be able to pull off “hero”
before he devolves into “anti-hero” if something isn’t done. I’ll be
curious to see how this hobgoblin storyline plays out, but more so how
Spiderman deals with increasing public unease at his heavy-handed

And that’s all the
further I got this week, sadly. I’m afraid the next month isn’t going to
be much better – I’ve got Halloween and such to deal with both on my
alter-ego’s blog and in real life, and that’s going to take up a lot of
my free time. So much lunch-time reading, with the occasional late night
book-snack, but that’ll be it. Ah well. As long as I get some reading
in daily, it’ll do.

I’ve actually
been thinking about reading some horror classics again next month, just
for Halloween & blog fodder for the blog party. Things like
Frankenstein, The Haunting of Hill House, and of course, the works of
Edgar Allen Poe. We’ll see…

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