Talkin’ Books: May 14, 2014

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Harley Quinn #5

Batman Eternal #1 & #2

Getting back in the reading groove, finally…I am about a quarter of an inch away from finishing Neverwhere.
Good stuff, that book – it’s like pasta, a “stick-to-your-brain” kind
of meal, though I’m not entirely sure Gaiman would appreciate that
particular simile. Still, it fits. I honestly can put that book down for
days and when I pick it back up, it’s like I never left. I think I
notice it because it’s so very rare that I read anything that sticks
with me like that. In any case, if you get a chance, I highly recommend
it. I should be finished with it by next week, I’d think.

I took a detour to read another Jill Shalvis romance, mostly because I
had a couple of very stressful weeks and I needed a good laugh (her
books are *hilarious*, seriously!). Instant Attraction was
fabulous and dealt with some fairly serious issues while still being
completely entertaining. Another highly recommended read, IMO.

enjoying Kait Nolan’s Meet Cute romances too – they’re short, so I can
start one at lunch one day, and finish it at lunch the next. Perfect for
when I need a quick feel-good pick-me-up, and also the satisfaction of
actually finishing something fairly quickly. Once Upon An Heirloom was a very sweet little snack romance. Another I’d recommend for romance readers.

Harley Quinn #5
is just fun, as all the Harley comic books are. The artwork is
phenomenal, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m waiting rather
impatiently for the next one to continue the story. And I finally got
started on Batman Eternal with issues #1 &
#2, and yeah. These guys aren’t playing around…it’s right into the
action and a whole heap of serious bad stuff happening. I have #3 &
#4 too…that’s part of tonight’s reading line-up!

reading week, and I’m finally getting some balance back in my world, so
I expect that’ll continue this week. I’m so far behind on my print
reading the books are seriously stacking up on my nightstand, so better
pick up the pace!

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One comment on “Talkin’ Books: May 14, 2014

  1. Dolly Garland

    I hear you. I need to get back in my reading groove too.

    I enjoyed Neverwhere, and American Gods. But my favourite Gaiman Novel is still Anansi Boys.