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As expected, I finished Blood Faerie this
week, and I probably will read on in the series just because I find the
whole druid/fae bonding thing interesting. But I’m still not sure I buy
the love part of the story – not yet at least. It just wasn’t developed
enough for me, and I’m thinking maybe it’s more my lack of familiarity
with fantasy than anything else. We’ll see how the next book goes,
anyways. The magical aspects were certainly fun (so to speak). I should
probably read more fantasy just to get a feel for how relationships are
generally handled in the genre. And that’s part of my goal, of course –
to become more familiar with it. 

I still haven’t started another paperback – hubby beat me to the
Rollins book, and I’ve been busily writing late nights when I’d normally
read print anyways. I am currently reading the draft of a novel that my
publishing company will be releasing soon…but I can’t tell you much
about it just yet, except the catalyst for the adventure is a magical
mistake of epic proportions. It’s a great story – if you like magic, or
fantasy, or the middle ages, you’ll love it. 

I also started Edward Adrift on my Kindle – so far, entertaining as always though I’m not too far into it just yet. 

And while I bought a bunch of comics last week, the only one I managed to read was the latest Superior Spiderman
that came in the mail. Unfortunately, I was trying to read it the night
before last (Mon) when one of my dogs wasn’t feeling well. So my
reading experience was rather disjointed, but I’m still crazy anxious to
find out what happens next with Peter Parker/Doc Ock brain thing. While
I’m enjoying the whole evil villain in a superhero’s body tug-of-war,
it just feels a little funny. Dare I hope that Parker will win the brain
back? We shall see…

The draft and Edward will keep me busy as far as books go this week. And I’m determined to hunt down a copy of Justice League #18
so I can continue on with that series and finally read the #19 I have.
If I can do that and catch up with the Age of Ultron series, I’ll
consider that groovy. I’d like to find a copy of Hawkeye #1 too, so
maybe I’ll just order those in. Or maybe I’ll do digital with that one

Incidentally, this coming Saturday is Free Comic Book Day
– so hit your local comic book store for free comics! I need to make a
list…Hastings is limiting it to 10 per customer, but we have a local
comic book store too. There are plenty of great titles to choose from,
including the #1 issue (or is it #0?) of Grimm – if you watch the show,
it sounds like you *need* the comic book too. Expand your reading
horizons and go get some comics!

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