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Look at that! I finally finished Beautiful Sorrows,
the short story collection I’ve been working on for months. And I’m not
going to apologize for savoring it either…because it’s the type of
literature that’s meant to roll around in your brain a bit after you’ve
read it, knocking things loose and generally showing you different ways
of looking at things. The author left notes at the back on each story,
but as soon as I realized that’s what they were, I skipped them. I’m
sure that for some people, it provides an extra layer for the story, but
for me, I prefer to let the story be what it is, without author
interpretation. Does that sound odd coming from a writer? Perhaps…but I
don’t explain my own work either – it is what it is, which I’m sure is
something different to everyone who reads it.

In any case, I’m glad I took the time to work slowly through this
lovely collection of poignant stories. I think you will be too.

I also finished A Knight to Remember,
which is a historical romance involving a few unique twists to the
budding relationship that I found refreshing and fascinating at the same
time. It also explored something I don’t often see explored in
historicals involving knights and their women, which is a juxtaposition
of the male need to conquer vs the female tendency to worry, and how
those perspectives color (or might have colored) *everything*, really.
Excellent romance, but also just an excellent exploration of human
philosophy and character. I’d highly recommend it.

And just as my Monday was sinking faster than the infamous Titanic, Cari Quinn’s latest, No Romance Required
came out, and being vulnerable, crabby and just plain stressed, I
snatched it up like a lifeline and spent most of the evening/night
generally using it to hide from the world and forget my own troubles. It
was fabulous, as her books always are, with an impossible “opposites
attract” relationship and even a slight nod to bondage/dominance play
(when I say “slight”, I mean very slight, just FYI).

Yes, I’m close to the end of Rough Country, I just haven’t been to bed early enough this week to finish it. This week, perhaps? And while I’m enjoying High Risk,
I have to admit I’m skimming a lot of the middle. I tend to prefer
shorter romance novels, and after awhile, sex on the page tends to get
repetitive for me (thus a bit boring, no matter how skilled the author
is). It makes me wonder, since I haven’t had this issue with her books
in particular before, if some of this isn’t filler to meet a word count
requirement for the publisher (I don’t think her books tend to normally
be this long either). If so, it’s too bad. Publishers really should do
away with those arcane requirements in this age of digital and print on
demand options…

As for comics…Wolverine is getting very
interesting, what with losing his healing factor. Which begs the
question – when his claws come out, do they tear the skin? With the
healing factor, it wouldn’t matter, but now? He’d be left basically
defenseless if he can’t use his claws. In any case, he’s having a bit of
a mental melt-down, which is entirely understandable, and I’ll be
interested to see how he’s going to deal with that in the next issue. I
think we all know there are really two basic ways it can go, and that is
pretty frightening, either way…

And Morbius is in quite a pickle, dang
it. I mean, the end of this issue is…something really, really bad that
isn’t “stoppable”, at least not from what I can see. Of course, he’s a
vampire, so he’s immortal, but this experience is going to ruin him
regardless. I’m kind of on pins and needles waiting to see what’s going
to happen to him now. Interestingly, much like Wolverine, this is going
to leave him with a life-altering decision that could go very, very
wrong. Hmm…

So lots of good and very interesting reading this past week. I love
it when that happens. And I have a bunch of new stories on my Kindle
just waiting for me to get to them…bliss is having an overflowing “to
be read” pile, right?

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