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know, it’s just mean when a publisher discounts a whole series you’ve
recently gotten hooked on. Or the first five books, anyways. Those Jill Shalvis novels?
All on sale for $1.99 at the moment, which is awesome, because Lucky
Harbor is a great series that I’m enjoying the heck out of. I keep
trying to note *why* I’m enjoying it, so I can perhaps use that to
further my own writing, but reading critically is difficult for me
because…well, I don’t read to work, I read to be entertained and
escape reality for awhile.

In any
case, I’m still trying to figure out why they’re so frickin’ addictive,
and when I do, I’ll let you know. Or you can just go grab a couple, and
let *me* know what you think instead…

Moonlight & Margaritas
was really a great relationship read…intense in spots, and what I
liked most was the vulnerability of the characters even though they were
pretty strong about it. It almost, but not quite crosses the line into
chick lit,…but in a good genre-blending way. Good stuff – I’d
certainly recommend it.

And of course Eat Play Lust
was awesome and hilarious, as all Tawna’s books are. It’s a quick,
flirty read with stand up paddle board yoga (!?) involved, but that’s
not the best part. Tater tots. And I’m not saying any more – you’ll just
have to pick up a copy and read it yourself (.99 cents, people).

As you can see, I’ve started the latest (to us, we wait for paperback on thrillers) Preston & Child novel, Two Graves,
which starts out with an insane give and take exchange that nearly
broke my heart, and now has me wondering what the *heck* is going to
happen next. It’s in print, which means slower reading for me, but I
really am going to have to make more time for this particular one.
Amazon’s new Matchbook program is really going to help if these books
are included in the program, because I can get the print for my husband,
and a digital copy for myself without breaking the bank. *happy sigh*

And of course The Sweetest Thing is Tara’s story in Lucky Harbor…and what a story it is. Whew!

comic reading this week, but I need to catch up on those soon – they’re
piling up! Luckily most of the comics I read now are monthlies, which

That’s it for this week…what are you reading?

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