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So…as you may have noticed, I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. Last week, I finished Offside, and had to immediately hunt down the second book in the trilogy, Collide (which I practically inhaled as well). The third book, Conceal,
isn’t out quite yet, and I was bummed until I discovered that the
release date is, in fact, this coming Friday! Hallelujah! Better get my
writing done in time this week, because I’ll be busy Friday night with
the third Barker triplet…

Seriously, if you like hot contemporary romance, you need these books. 

After those, I opened up The Temporary Wife
by an author I’ve known online for awhile now. I’ll admit that in the
first part, the constant crying got to me, though I understand the
reasons for it (it’s reasonable and logical, I’m just not a fan of weepy
women no matter the circumstances). But the story as a whole is really
quite fabulous and richly layered – it’s not *just* a romance, it’s much
more than that, and I really enjoyed it. Get a copy, you won’t be

Now I’m working on Inked by an Angel …and
the jury’s still out, but I haven’t put it down yet and it seems like
things might be starting to heat up, so we’ll see. I’ve always liked
good girl/bad boy stories, which is what this is, it’s just the
paranormal element I’m not quite sure of yet. I’ll let you know…or you
can pick up a copy and let me know. Either way, it’s making me think
tattoos again. I need more, the hubby will be out of town for a week
this summer… 

On the comic book front, I made a point of picking up a few off my stack, and one I picked up this weekend too. The Simpsons
was entertaining as always, and the paper for that comic book was
really nice, more matte, and easier to read under bright light. Grimm
was every bit as awesome as the TV show, and I’ll be grabbing a copy of
issues #1 & #2 as soon as I can find them – if not in town, I’ll
order ’em. The perfect fill-in for the summer TV break, where we get to
follow Nick’s mom as she tries to destroy those pesky coins. 

Morbius is a seriously interesting cat –
he’s a lab-created vampire (hence the “living vampire” moniker – he’s
not “undead”), and I don’t think he even knows if he’s a good guy or a
bad guy. I went out and bought the next four issues to catch up as well,
but I have to say, I kind of hate the cover art on these. The inner
artwork isn’t too bad, but it isn’t anything special either, IMO. I
think I may just go digital with this one since I’m reading for the
story more than the art…we’ll see. In any case, I’ll keep reading. 

Age of Ultron #9 made the whole
time-travel thing a bit less confusing, along with the “fix” for the
problem at hand. So that was good, and there’s only one more issue left.
It seems like they’re leading into a new continuity after that, but
I’ll pass…honestly, I’m kind of getting bored with this storyline.

I’m already having storage issues with comic books, if you can
believe that. Currently, I’m putting them in binder pages with boards,
in big binders on the bookshelf. The problem is, I didn’t have much
shelf space left as is, and the binders are filling up quickly. I am
getting to where I only buy specific comics now, which helps, and I’m
*trying* to go digital with at least some continuities (cheaper that way
too, if I wait until they’re out for awhile), but there’s the issue of
wanting to collect the artwork on some of them, and that’s really not a
digital thing (for me, at least). I don’t really have anywhere to stack
boxes either, so it’s not really an easily solved problem unless I
either clean out a bookcase (or part of one, but some are already
double-stacked), or find a spot for another one (we’re seriously running
out of wall space here). Yeah, I could probably part with some of my
paperbacks, but it’s funny how difficult it is to do that, even when you
haven’t read certain books in years. I mean…they’re books! 

And yes, I have issues with deleting ebooks too, so it’s not even
the format so much as the stories. It takes a lot less space to store
more thumb drives though than it does to buy another bookshelf…

*sigh* I’ll have to ponder this issue more extensively, and take a gander through the shelves again…

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