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Egads. Where did the last week go? My reading has slowed to a
veritable trickle, and part of that was catching up with TV season
finales, while the other part has been an insane writing/editing
schedule the past two weeks. Not to mention a chatty husband at lunch,
which is when I normally spend time with my kindle…

In any case, I started Bloodline by James
Rollins last week, and whoa. Talk about your gruesome and unexpected
opening chapter. Somali Pirates are involved, and I won’t spoil any of
the story for you, but suffice it to say you won’t really want to eat
before you read the first chapter of this book. You’ll thank me later.
Getting past that, the story is off to a super-quick start with a dog
handler who is poised to become a new reluctant hero – my favorite kind.
And I was surprised at an early partnership I wasn’t expecting too, but
that may be because it’s been awhile since I read a Sigma Force novel.
In any case, I keep wanting to get back to this book, and after this
crazy writing week, I should be able to.

Incidentally, we bought our copy of Bloodline at Costco,
and the paperback is a weird size – not trade size, but not mass market
either. It’s about the same height as a normal mass market, but about
fifty percent wider, which makes it very difficult to hold – impossible
with one hand, and unwieldy for page turning with two. Annoying – I kind
of wish we’d picked up the normal sized paperback at Hastings

I also started The Huntress by Alexandra
Sokoloff, which, incidentally, is free at the moment on Amazon (kindle
version). It’s off to kind of a slow start for me – she’s a more
descriptive writer, and too much description just bores me. But I am
intrigued by the story so far, so we’ll see how it goes as I get deeper
into it.

Still no comic book reading – I spent the entire weekend editing
and crocheting, even though I brought a couple new comics home on
Saturday. The good news is, my “sampling period” seems to be waning, and
I’m ending up with just a few to follow for the long term, which is
kind of a relief. I’ve found that I’m far less enthusiastic about most
DC comics – I tend to lean toward the Marvel side of things, with the
notable exception of Batman (who doesn’t love Batman?). I think the
reason I like Batman is because at his core, he’s just a human, using
technology and brains to do super-human things. That’s probably why I
like a lot of Marvel comics as well – those superheroes tend to start
out as human, at least, whereas heros like Superman have never been
fully human.

In any case, after this week things are slated to slow down to a
more normal pace (and there’s a holiday weekend coming up – yay!), so I
should have more time for reading. Which I’m very much looking forward

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