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you ever get into those moods where you start reading a bunch of
different things, but nothing’s quite “right”, so you end up with a pile
of started books lying about that just couldn’t hold your interest for
more than a few pages? 

That’s been me lately. Although I do grab a chapter of Tatterdemon
here and there (it’s a long book…I tend to get bogged down in those,
because my mind craves variety), and I really need to just grab the
digital copy of Two Graves, I think, if I ever want to actually finish it (which I do!). 

there’s been a lot of “boxed sets” available for cheap lately, which
annoys me as an author (because duh, why *wouldn’t* people buy those
instead of my single titles at full price, but that’s just sour grapes
on my part), but naturally I still pick them up as a reader
because…who doesn’t love cheap books?!

it would seem that with a lot of these boxed sets, I’ve either already
read and forgot (until I start reading again) the stories (mostly with
bigger named authors), or one story grabs my interest, and the rest
don’t. So I flit around through the sets, get lost, forget what I’m
reading or have already read, or get bored and flip to another
file…honestly, I kind of annoy myself when I get in this sort of
reading “funk”. Part of my brain is screaming “just pick something
already!” and the other part is yelling back, “it has to be the right

Yeah. I know. Scary, right?

any case, the other night I was cruisin’ through my kindle files, tired
of trying and failing at reading romance, but wanting something kind of
light, but not “airhead” light, if you know what I mean. I stumbled
over Beers in Heaven, which I bought when it first came out and intended to read then, but never quite got to it.

it up and read the prologue, not really sure if it was going to grab me
any better than anything else had, and then I hit Chapter 1.

now I’m finally hooked on a story, and raring to get back to it as soon
as possible. Whew! It’s hard not to be entertained by Ford Forkum’s
personal brand of humor/satire, really…thank you Ford, for saving me
from myself! *raises mug*

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