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As you can see, it’s been a good week for books. I finished Dragon’s Kiss,
and would recommend it to anyone who likes things on the erotic side of
paranormal, but not just for the sex, because the story is excellent as
well. I think that book is the first in a series, so I may look up more
of those later…

I haven’t made a lot of progress on The Third Gate, mainly because I’ve either been up late watching reruns of Alias
on Amazon, or writing. That’s the thing about paperbacks – I read them
more slowly these days because they’re relegated to my nightstand for
the most part. Still, this book is very intriguing, and I find myself
thinking about it and trying to figure out how to get to bed earlier so I
can read just a “few more chapters”, which is always a good sign…

After I finished DK, I went “shopping” in my Kindle TBR pile, and decided to finally start Blood Faerie by India Drummond. I’ve been meaning to read it for a long time now, just never quite got around to it. India edited Desert Heat
for me several years back, and though I haven’t gotten too far in the
book, I’m already intrigued by the story so far (aside from being
generally annoyed with names I can’t pronounce phonetically, though
India does helpfully provide a guide at the front of the book – I’m just
too lazy to look back every single time). This is actually where ebooks
could be very helpful to readers – if that name was clickable, and
would just bring up the pronunciation guide so one didn’t have to go
back to the guide every time, that would be helpful. Something to think
about later, perhaps?

In any case, it’s the story of a Fae woman banished to the human
world, and she’s chasing down a rogue Fae who’s just killed someone and
taken…well, you’ll have to read it if you want to know what he took
from the human. Interesting though, I promise. I’m looking forward to
seeing where this is headed…

And then the other day on Facebook, Carly Phillips posted that the Kindle version of Serendipity
was on sale for $1.99. It’s normally $7.99, and I’m always up for both a
sale and a contemporary romance novel. So I picked up a copy and
couldn’t resist starting it last night. It’s the story of a prodigal son
come back to make amends, and a fallen “princess” of sorts who is, of
course, perfect for him (though they’ll both need the story to figure
that out). I tend to breeze through romance novels in a big hurry (which
is why I have very few in my TBR list at any given time), so I should
finish this soon and then I’ll get back to Blood Faerie.

Last Friday night, hubby had a pool tournament, and I had a “date”
with several comic books that had been sitting on my DR table waiting to
be finished/read (see the list above). I practically inhaled the
Spiderman comics…I don’t know why (maybe it’s my web dev identity or
something), but I’m just loving the whole Superior Spiderman
thing. And now I’m super-impatient for #6 to get here…it’s in stores,
but I went ahead and subscribed through Marvel to cut the price down,
so I have to wait. Dang it. Needless to say, I was bummed at the shape
poor Spidey was in for the first Age of Ultron…ouch! And I need to get
my hands on an issue of Morbius (sp?) one of these days – I’m intrigued after his appearance in The Amazing Spiderman #700. Dang it.

I dipped a toe into DC comics as well with a couple issues of the main Justice League
comics. I have to say, those are kind of like a big ol’ soap opera for
superheroes, with Superman, Wonder Woman and others having these
personal assignations/love triangles/smooches and adding emotional
complexity to a job that’s already insanely difficult (that would be
protecting the world from evil, of course). And now, of course, I have a
better background for the Justice League of America series, which I started with #1.

Reading time will be iffy this week, what with a birthday dinner to
host on Saturday (MIL) and the holiday dinner line-up on Sunday. And
those holiday stories I committed to writing on a whim, that are now
kicking my butt with their demanding schedules. But I’ll find time here
and there – I always do.

So…read any good books lately?

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