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Short Fiction: 
The Application of Hope by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Asimov’s Science Fiction, Aug. 2013)
A Place Shielded From Horrors by Mercedes Yardley (Beautiful Sorrows)
Crosswise Cosmos Sabotage by Mercedes Yardley (Beautiful Sorrows)
Life by Mercedes Yardley (Beautiful Sorrows)
Luna E Volk by Mercedes Yardley (Beautiful Sorrows)

Comics Read:

Kind of another binge last week…with a little bit of everything
tossed in for good measure. It seems like I read another shorter book
somewhere in there too, but I can’t for the life of me remember which

Oh wait. Yes I do. It was one better suited for mentioning on an alter-ego’s blog.

In any case, lots of good reading material. I got Here Comes the Bride free,
I think…and it was a nice light, contemporary romance – just what I
needed to sort of relax and get out of my own head for awhile. I
followed that up with the slightly heavier Silver Mine,
because who doesn’t love a good shifter novel occasionally, and Vivian
Arend is one of the three best authors for that sort of book, in my
opinion. I adore her characters/pairings, and her version of the shifter
world makes good, logical sense to me. She’s incredibly prolific too,
which I love – I still have plenty of catching up to do on her backlist,
both paranormal and…uh…normal.

Rough Country is just fun…I mean, it’s
murder, and a mystery that needs to be solved, but the dry wit and
constantly sarcastic back-and-forth dialogue is just completely
entertaining to read. I’d read one Sanford novel a long, long time ago,
but I don’t remember much about it. Virgil Flowers is easily one of my
new favorite detectives. I’ll be digging up his other books after I’m
done with this one.

It’s been awhile since I read much science fiction (after
practically inhaling everything Issac Asimov ever wrote when I was in
junior high/high school). Deciding I should get a little more variety in
my reading “diet” (and working on a draft that could potentially fall
into the sci-fi genre eventually), I picked up a copy of Asimov’s Science Fiction for
my tablet. I’m a fan of KKR’s blog, and I’ve read a contemporary
romance of hers, so I was excited to see one of her stories included in
the first issue I happened to pick up. I have to say, I have a little
trouble relating to the whole “life on a spaceship” culture (hard to
imagine, don’t you think?), but I enjoyed the story nonetheless, and the
mental challenges her main character had to face/overcome. For such a
short space, there was a *lot* going on – it easily felt like a whole
novel. Which is why she wins awards, of course. I’m looking forward to
reading more of these, not just because they’re entertaining, but also
to sort of “soak up” the shorter genre story nuances. 

And then at nearly the other end of the literary spectrum entirely, I read four more of Mercedes’ short stories from her Beautiful Sorrows collection – much different vibe and tone, but no less interesting and intriguing to read.

Variety is good.

As for comic books, I finally caught up with Wolverine 4 & 5,
both of which were fascinating in different ways. His muscular-skeletal
structure is fascinating and quite painful at times, which is something
I don’t think is addressed enough. He wasn’t born a “shifter”, like
we’re used to reading about with animal/human hybrids (?), but rather
created – a dangerous and insanely uncomfortable thing, I’m sure. So it
was interesting learning more about that in issue 4. As for issue 5, I’m
kind of lost, honestly…I mean I sort of get the main plot, I’m just
lost as to why it’s happening. Which is probably what I get for reading
late at night. Or maybe it will be revealed in the continuation of this
particular storyline in issue 6. We’ll see…

And I finally got around to Justice League of America 4
too – also interesting, and kind of confusing. I have issue 5 which I
think will help clear things up, but I was too tired to finish it late
at night. I really need to read these things earlier in the day…

This week, more of the same, happily. I still have most of that
Asimov’s to go through, several more stories in Mercedes’ book, the
Sanford novel, a stack of comics (and new ones to buy, happily), and
about a ton of novels and novellas on my Kindle all waiting to be read.
No shortage of reading material around here! 

If you’re so inclined, feel free to share what *you’re* reading. The TBR pile is always hungry…

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