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Superior Spiderman #15

My reading level (along with my stress levels)
have…uh…”leveled” out a bit over the past week, but not before I
finished off the two print novels I had going and two more full-sized
ebooks. Never let it be said that I don’t know how to binge on books.
It’s a sport I’ve had down since the summer reading contests at the
library in grade school.

Even if I hadn’t already known the ending of Rough Country
(my husband spilled, along with every other person online whining about
it), I’d have seen it coming. And rightly so, really…I’d have been
disappointed had it ended differently, just due to the morality issues
involved. I did feel bad for Virgil, but really, there was only one way
it could logically go. Even fictional characters (or especially them)
aren’t immune to Murphy’s Law.

High Risk got better again towards the
end, as I suspected it would. I know a lot of readers like those long,
drawn out love scenes, but honestly, they just bore me. And I like sex
in novels…I just don’t want pages and pages of it, because while sex
is a significant step, it’s also boring to read about in long, drawn out
detail. I’ll need the next book in this series, of course, because I
need to know what happens between Alisha and Devon, but I’m going to
wait awhile to buy it, hoping it goes on sale, since I know I’ll
probably have to skim quite a bit. I don’t know why I don’t have that
issue with her paranormals. Maybe they’re shorter, not that I’d know,
since I normally read those in ebook format.

Speaking of which, Diamond Dust was
awesome, and I was happy to finally read Caroline’s story. She’s a human
living among shifters, and her relationship with them is incredibly
intriguing. No, I didn’t skim. I loved every second of it, and as usual
with these books, at the end I so badly wanted to read Evan’s story and
of course it’s not out yet. I’m not sure whether it’s written or not,
but I suspect I know where it’s going, and if that’s the case, it’s
going to be some seriously awesome conflict. I’d tell Viv to write
faster, but the woman is already a freak of nature writer – she’s got
way more books on the go than I do, and I’ve got faith I won’t have to
wait long, thank goodness…

I found Simply Irresistible, the first
book in Jill Shalvis’s Lucky Harbor series on sale for $2.99 last week
(well, nearly two weeks ago now), so I snapped it up (they’re normally
more expensive, dang trad pubs). It’s Maddie’s story, and the story of
how the B&B got renovated and running, and I loved every second of
*that* too. Whew! Hot chemistry, I tell you what. So good. I hope Tara’s
story goes on sale soon…I *need* it, you know. But I found another LH
book for $1.99 last week, so I have a Shalvis fix queued up.

Moonlight & Margaritas was free when I
read the sample and downloaded it, and it’s not disappointing at all.
So much angst…a lot of it caused by an overbearing male, who is,
thankfully, *not* the hero. Now I’m just holding my breath hoping our
heroine will give in and make the right decision in the end…

As for comics, Superior Spiderman was
fascinating…the Green Goblin and Hob goblin intrigue me, the later
more so than the former because he doesn’t seem to really *want* to be a
villain. Which fits perfectly with the entire series theme, actually,
so I’m interested to see what happens next. And Ock is neglecting
Peter’s life – it’s going to be decision time soon, and I’m curious as
to which he’ll choose – an interesting juxtaposition of the hob goblin’s

Superman Unchained confused me, but that
may be because I don’t remember the last issue too well, so the context
was out of phase. I sort of caught on mid-issue, and now Wraith is
involved (another character I don’t know anything about, not having been
steeped in the comic world), and he’s an interesting cat too. So we’ll
see. I just adore the artwork in these, which isn’t perhaps the best
reason to keep buying them, but if I have the money…

Morbius seemed to finally step up to the
plate this issue, and decided to do something about the threat to his
“home”. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have any idea what that is,
poor guy. He’ll figure it out though, I’m sure. I’m worried about Becky
though…his self-proclaimed human sidekick. She’s going to either get
hurt, distract him so he gets hurt, or both (probably). I can see it
coming like a freight train. *sigh*

So lots of varied reading last week, though still a lot of romance.
I have Preston & Child’s latest Pendergast novel waiting for me (in
print), and hubby says it’s a convoluted mess, so that should
be…interesting. We shall see…

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