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My Funny Valentine by Rhonda Nelson (Sweet Temptations boxed set)

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been a strange week or so…very busy, but in a steady, sort of
annoying way. I really just need to accept this as my “new normal” until
December, methinks, but I’d really like to get a little more reading
time in per day. Twenty minutes at lunch just isn’t cutting it for me,
really. But it’s my own fault, I know. I could find more time, if I made
more of an effort.

Last night I
was tired, worn down, and decided to close the computer early and work
on the comic book stack beside my chair. I was hoping to get a few
chapters in on the Two Graves novel too, but
hubby doused the light early (that’s my nightstand novel…I should
bring it out to the living room, I suppose). I did get a few chapters
further in that last week, but it’s slow going, as print always is
anymore. Mostly because I’m up pretty late, but the hubby’s not.

any case, while others seem to be able to breeze through comic books
quickly, I can’t. I realize they don’t have many words, but the thing
is, I read the words, but I also stop to savor the artwork on every page
– each frame, and all the little details that quite literally “show”
the words that we’d normally read in text-based work. I mean, that’s the
whole point of a comic book, right? Author and illustrator working
together to tell a story in a more visual medium. For me, rushing
through a comic book in five minutes is like going to an art gallery and
then just sort of walking quickly past all the art…missing the point
of the excursion completely.

it just takes me longer than the average person to process the
visuals…but I enjoy the time spent doing so. It takes me around 20
minutes to enjoy the average comic book…that’s three an hour. For
comparison, I can easily finish a 50k novel in an hour and a half or so –
I’m not a slow reader.

In any case, I digress. And I admit that I’ve been putting off these two Superior Spiderman
issues due to my uncertainty of whether I still liked the character or
not. I’m happy to say though, that these issues won me back a little
last night…Ock’s character was sliding toward tolerable again,
although the “future spidey” was rather odd. We’ll see what the next
issue holds, eh?

I was exceedingly sad to get to the end of Morbius #9 and see that it was the last issue for the series. Dang it. A good ending, but I’d have liked to see it continue. *sigh*

On the romantic suspense end of the spectrum, I finished Hot Secrets
and it was really good, as most of Lisa Renee Jones novels are. I’ll
eventually hunt down the rest of the series…who doesn’t love a hot,
hunky security guy saving the day, right?

I started Tatterdemon over the weekend after reading an excerpt posted on my alter-ego’s Month O’Screams
event this month. The excerpt was a historical prelude to the actual
story, and I have to say, it’s creepy and quite enjoyable so far, though
I’ll warn you, it’s bloody. Still, a great horror read for the month,
if you’re so inclined, and on sale for 99 cents…

I also started My Funny Valentine
as sort of a “counterbalance” one not-so-great day (horror isn’t
generally a good choice when the attitude is already at “irritable”).
I’m enjoying the story, but there are quite a few misused words, and
words missing letters that are quite distracting. Normally I wouldn’t
mention it (a few errors per book is to be expected), but it is pretty
prevalent in this particular novel, so readers should be warned.
Authors, take note: there are lots of people out there willing to
proof-read for free (or a copy of the book). No need to skip that step
even if you’re poor.

In any case,
it’s still a fun story, with some great romantic tension…and it comes
in a boxed set of three that is also on sale for 99 cents at the moment
(and at that price, you can skip over some minor word usage errors, eh?
Or I can, anyways.). 

And that’s
where I’m at for this week…so tell me, what are you reading this
month? Something appropriate for the season, perhaps? Anything you’d
like to recommend?

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2 comments on “Talkin’ Books: Romance, Horror & Comic Catch-Up…

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, I am the same way with comic books and graphic novels. I savor the artwork. This started when I was younger and reading Superman, etc. I haven’t read any such books in a while but when I read about your comics I keep thinking I “need” a few to read. LOL!!!

    As for Tatterdemon, the excerpt was very tempting in Alex’s “Month O’Screams” blog special but I don’t think that I can read the book. Yes, I am a wuss. It sure tempts me though. I can’t wait to see what all you have to say about it. Cheers, Ardee-ann

  2. CityAlice

    Those are some excellent suggestions. I love reading in the winter.