Talkin’ Books: Romance, Mystery & Spiders…

Hooray for more reading! Not enough, of course, but is it ever, really?

Where to start, where to start…hmm. Well, The Unwanted
was on sale last week, and when I got Shiloh Walker’s newsletter
announcing that, I ran right over to Amazon and picked up a copy. Really
intense paranormal romantic suspense – I enjoyed it very much, as I
always do with her work. It’s just normally too expensive for me to want
to lay down cash for, which is when author newsletters and sale notices
are very handy, incidentally. The next time one of her books in this
series goes on sale, I’m all over it!

And I picked up A Knight to Remember on
sale as well, also a newsletter find (yes, yes, I know. I know! I’m
taking notes, really…). It’s my current lunchtime reading, and very
intriguing so far. Historical romance, for those who couldn’t guess by
the quippy title.

I’m so close to finished with Rough Country
it’s not even funny, but it’s my bedtime reading, and until just a few
nights ago, I was staying up late working on book stuff (or playing
Smurf games, whatever), so I just didn’t get back to it. I *think* I
have the killer figured out, but my husband says the ending is rather
tricky, so I’m not locking in my answer just yet. We’ll see. There are a
*lot* of players in this book, and a ton of potential suspects, so I
suggest that if you read it, you do not follow my lead and use it as
occasional reading, but rather block out a nice chunk of several hours
to just stick with that world. It’ll be much easier than trying to
reorient yourself every time you pick it up as I’m having to do.

I’m finally caught up on my Superior Spiderman
issues, and I must say, I *love* the new costume, and am still
completely waffle-y about this whole “bad-boy Spiderman” thing. I mean, I
prefer that to Peter Parker because Parker was always *too* good for me
(probably because I’m an ol’ fuddy duddy and that makes those with a
rebellious streak attractive to me, while people *like* me are boring),
but is Doc Ock “too bad” to be good? We shall see, I guess…

The Black Bat was my new comic pick – a
reboot of an older comic that was possibly a precurser to Batman (I
think), and I had to order it in special (yes, I should have just tried
the digital copy. I’m stupid sometimes). It was intriguing, but I’m not
sure it’ll hold my interest for the long term. I’ll read issue #2 in
digital form (cheaper that way too!) and decide after that. Maybe it’ll
still grab me…who knows?

I have a ton of good reading waiting for me this week – including a
Vivian Arend book (print though, which means it will take awhile),
Grimm/Morbius/Wolverine comics, and the new-to-paperback Preston &
Child novel (which my hubby currently has). No shortage of good
imagination fodder around here, that’s for sure! Which is good, since
the car registration is due this month… (ugh).

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