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A Calm Before Storm (Castle) #1

Another light reading week – mostly due to the whole frantic writing & holiday weekend. I did finish Serendipity
by Carly Phillips though, which I highly recommend for those of you who
like a good second chances/redemption contemporary romance. Faith and
Ethan, the central characters are great, but it’s really Tess who brings
it all together (and you’ll have to read the book to find out who Tess

As far as romance goes, if you’re interested in historical vampire
novels, you really need to check out my buddy Brooklyn’s debut novel, Bite Me, Your Grace!
It’s brand-spanking new this week, but I had the pleasure and honor of
reading it when she finished the first draft, and I’m so excited that
everyone else *finally* gets to read this amazing story. You really,
really don’t want to miss it – even if you’re sick of vampires, this
one’s different. Trust me. You’ll be sucked into the history of the
vampire legends in no time (pun very much intended).

As far as comic books go, aside from waiting rather impatiently for my next Superior Spiderman
to show up in the mail (come on, Marvel! Help a girl out here!), I read
the first Derrick Storm/Castle issue and was…well, disappointed. But,
that’s probably because I’m not only a huge Castle fan (in the comic,
the show is called “Palace”, which made me chuckle), but I’ve also been
reading the Derrick Storm stories (Derrick Storm is the character that
the writer character Rick Castle writes on the show, if you can follow
all that). The thing is, Castle is amusing, light and quippy in the
personality department. Derrick Storm is *not* – he’s more of the
quintessential strong, silent action hero type. But in this comic,
Derrick Storm is a young, carefree, irresponsible dude with the lighter
personality of the Castle character…so it was mentally confusing. It
didn’t work for me.

I don’t know if it’s gonna get better or not, but there are *so*
many comic books on my TBR list now that I’m not likely to find out. I’m
skipping the rest of these, and hoping that the Grimm comics coming out
soon will be a better spin-off of the TV show.

I worked my way through the first Conan Lord of the Spiders
issue too (1998), and while it’s mildly interesting I’m still not sure
whether I actually like it or not. I think I’ll reserve judgement until I
get through all three issues. It’s a mini-series, and I bought all
three issues when I was getting my self-picked “comic starter kit, so
we’ll see. Kinda fun to read an older print comic though, on the flat
newsprint pages…and the artwork is really something else, as far as
anatomy goes. Interesting!

This week, back to Blood Faerie and continuing on with The Third Gate. I’m seeing a trip to the comic book store in my future as well… the Action Comics soap opera is digging it’s hooks into me. *sigh*

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