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Beta read (historical vampire romance)

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Not much reading going on this week…partially due to my inability
to find anything I really wanted to read, and partially because I’m in
the middle of beta reading, which requires more thought and attention
than a “normal” read. I did read a couple more short stories in Beautiful Sorrows…and
of course they’re wonderful. I’m using that as my lunch time reading
for the moment. Mercedes is working on an audio book of her collection,
and I dare say it will be truly fabulous to hear these stories read in
her own voice and style.

A Week to be Wicked was fun, as are all
Dare’s books. Who doesn’t love a good historical romance here and there,
right? Especially when it involves the good, bookish girl and the
consummate rake who is trying desperately *not* to be the rake that our
bookwormish heroine needs him to be. Good times (for me, not for them,
until the end…)!

Superior Spiderman #11 was…better than
10, I think. The character is still fascinating, though I miss Parker’s
input. Still, there’s that push-pull of all Parker’s past experiences
that come into play with the Doc’s transition, and honestly, I think
he’s as discombobulated about that as the readers. Which is a roundabout
kudos to the writers, who are clearly doing a great job with the whole
emotional distress thing. I have issue #12 at home now, just waiting to
be read…

I’ve had a bit of a hard time getting into any DC comics, but I wanted to check out the new Superman series, Superman Unchained,
so I picked up the first issue. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I
enjoyed it, honestly. The artwork was really cool (especially the
fold-out poster – I’m considering a second copy just so I can hang one
up), but the storyline was really intriguing as well. I think I’ll be
following this one, for a little while at least.

I realized two things the other day at the comic shop. One, I can
finally say I have a “pull list”, which means I have a list of comics I
buy regularly. Normally one would give this list to the comic shop and
they’d pull your comics as they come in, setting them aside for you to
pick up, or to mail to you each month. I haven’t done that, but I feel
less like a neophyte knowing that I’ve settled into reading a regular
list of titles, silly as that may sound.

And two, I need to keep track of which comics I have. LOL For the
second time in two weeks, I bought an issue I’d previously bought – so
now I have double copies of two comic books. They’re too expensive to
keep doing that, so I really need to actually write out (well, type out)
my list, and keep it updated so I can avoid that little problem. I have
several comic-tracking apps, so I’ll use one of those to keep my list
updated better.

Not much else going on this week – I need to finish that beta read
and get it back to the author, and then find another book to get
interested in. Luckily, there’s no shortage of options in that

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