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really hate it when I get so busy that reading is pushed into little
crannies of my day, but in this case, it’s my own doing, so I can’t
complain too loudly. And the books I’m reading at the moment – well,
they’re not the kind you just step away from to go read something short
for a quick break. They pull you in, hypnotize you, make you wonder
what’s happening to the characters while you’re off doing other things
(well, I wonder that about the characters I’m writing too, which makes
for some interesting fantasies going on in my head – not *those* kind,
gutter-minds…well, not always, anyways).

In any case, I’m very worried about where Dance with the Enemy
is going, and I’m really going to have to find some time to finish that
book soon lest it stresses me out much longer on how it will end. And
I’ve just gotten into Part 2 of Two Graves, and that is worrying me a bit too, due to the circumstances I last left the characters in.

Thankfully, I’m re-reading Magical Misfire,
so I already know the story, I’m just taking in the new stuff added in
final edits. Because I really don’t think I could handle worrying about
any more characters that aren’t mine while going about my day!

new books started, no new short fiction read (which is a shame – I have
the new Asimov’s waiting on my tablet), no comic books read (though
that didn’t stop me from buying a couple new issues…). *sigh* It’s
going to be a very busy next couple of months, and I have some rather
thick books (both print and digital) waiting for me to get to them, so
I’m really going to have to give into a full-on reading binge here soon,

But then there’s all the books from my alter-ego’s Month O’Screams event this month. I tell you what, some of the excerpts waiting to be posted have already sold me, which means I have *more* books on the TBR pile. And freaky books just perfect for October, at that…

Oh! And this new murder-mystery serial at Bethany Macmanus’s blog – I know, it’s first person and I don’t normally “do” that, but I’m interested in her concept of having the readers try to guess the “whodunnit”, and so far, it’s intriguing, so I’m going to try to keep up.

So much good fiction, so little time…but what a great problem to have, eh?

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