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*sigh* Last
week was just total chaos (see Monday’s post), and I didn’t even get a
reading post up on Wednesday. This week is still a bit chaotic, but sort
of settling into something resembling normal for a couple days, at
least, which is handy. Either way, I’m not getting much reading time
these days aside from a few minutes grabbed at lunch, and late nights.
There’s just so much to do and catch up on…and I keep looking rather
longingly at the Harley Quinn #0 comic sitting by my chair that I
really, really want to read…

In any case, I’ve been enjoying The Proteus Cure
quite a bit, but took a break from that last week because I didn’t
really think a medical-themed thriller would be helpful while hubby was
having surgery and recovering. I’ll get back to that this week. It’s a
DNA thriller that is quite intriguing, if a little disjointed.

But not as disjointed as Two Graves,
which I’m still working on. I’ll finish it – I’m invested enough in the
characters from *all* the other Pendergast books that I can’t just put
it down, but the latest Rollins book is screaming at me from the
nightstand, waiting for me to finish…

Hajar’s Hidden Legacy
was a freebie on pre-order, but I like Maisey Yates (personally as well
as professionally, though I don’t know her well), so I was excited when
it loaded to my kindle and I was more than ready for something lighter
just then. I’m nearly finished with it – it’s a modern Beauty and the
Beast story – great characters and a nice, easy rhythm. Typical
Harlequin, and sometimes that’s just exactly what I need.

that’s it, really. I’ve got this one more month of fall/winter
craziness, but January is just around the corner, and that will most
definitely bring more reading time into my sphere. Still, I’m enjoying
the books I have going now, and really looking forward to that Harley
Quinn comic book…

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