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honestly had no idea how little I’d read this past week until I started
this post. Feast or famine around here, eh? I bought new books this
weekend, but I think more than anything I’m just in the middle of two
very thick (relatively speaking, since my Kindle isn’t thick at all)
books that are taking me awhile to work my way through. Nothing wrong
with that – I’m enjoying them both, and that’s what matters.

is sad though that I didn’t make time for comic books last week, or any
of the short reading I’ve got waiting. So I’ll have to make a point of
that this next week.

be it from me to ramble on when there’s nothing to talk about
*snicker*, so I’ll keep this post short & sweet. With any luck, next
week’s post will be more exciting…

Until then, happy reading! What book(s) are you perusing at the moment?

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