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in kind of a dry spell for reading at the moment…certainly not due to
any shortage of books, but more due to trying to get things caught up
late at night on the business end of writing has circumvented a lot of
my reading time. I did binge on the latest Jill Shalvis book this past
weekend – I needed a mental break, started it Friday night and finished
it Saturday night. It was good. They all are. I wish I could write like
she does (and I mean that in a very respectful way, not a jealous one).
Her books are like drugs for me – happy drugs, that is.

still working on Neverwhere (which is print, so it’ll be awhile) and
(which is just a long book, and I read sections at lunch, so
it’s moving slowly too). I keep looking longingly at the stack of comic
books waiting, but haven’t gotten to them yet. I suspect that once I
get some of this business stuff caught up, I’ll feel less guilt about
taking a night or two to catch up with my favorite superheroes &

So…not much to report. What I am reading is good, and that’s what matters, right? We’ll see what next week brings…

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