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So I finally finished The Third Gate (as
you can clearly see). There was something slightly off about the ending,
but I can’t quite put my finger on what it was. Still, it was a pretty
epic last chapter or so, and I really had my doubts about whether
certain people were going to make it out…you just never know
sometimes, you know? My husband is now entrenched in the story, so we’ll
see what he thinks of the “Sudd” when he’s done. He’s a much pickier
reader than I am.

Blood Faerie is cruisin’ right along, and
now I’m caught in this quandary with our poor heroine who is stuck
between another faerie, a druid, and an impossible decision. Which is
what we need for a good story, of course, but this is kind of the
crucial spot wherein I wonder if the author will let me have what I want
for these characters, or rip my hopes to shreds in deference to the
bigger picture. I hate this part, and I love it too. And I’m not
familiar enough with the fantasy genre just yet to be able to predict
how things will end. I’m honestly just crossing my fingers that either
way I don’t get left hanging off a cliff, although luckily I started
this late enough for there to be several more books already out and
waiting if it is. So we’ll see…

The second issue of Justice League of America
was basically a “let’s introduce the rest of the team” issue, but it
cracked me right up in several spots too. There’s a very abrupt
distractionary smacker in there that was pretty darn fun, and I got to
meet some characters I haven’t before (being a relative comic-universe
newbie). There was also the introduction of a rather intriguing and
grotesque villain before the next storyline was introduced…and now I
have to wait for the next issue to figure out what the heck the
super-heroes-who-might-not-be-heroes were doing on that last page. Dang

I bought issue #19 of the regular Justice League
series, but I couldn’t find #18 at Hastings (where I was shopping),
which is vexing. And from what I read online, I need to read them in
order because #18 is pivotal to the next story arc. So this weekend, a
trip to the actual comic book store is in order to find that so I can
keep up with both lines. I also bought the next three Age of Ultron issues which should get me caught up in that world.

I’ll easily finish Blood Faerie this week, and I’m trying to decide whether to nab that new James Rollins paperback (Bloodline)
before my hubby gets to it, or let him have it first since he’s faster
with the paperbacks than I am. Rollins’ books aren’t really the kind you
can just put down for long though, so maybe…

Edward Adrift
is up next on my kindle, so that’s an easy decision. Although maybe I
should check the ending and see if it’s left hanging like the first one.

So…good stuff this week. What are you reading?

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