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I fully planned a comic book store trip last weekend, and never
made it due to taxes and other household “stuff” that needed to be done.
I have some digital comics waiting to be read as well, but I tend not
to remember they’re there, because they’re not on my Kindle (duh, comics
= color = tablet), and I was a wee bit obsessive about finding the
perfect organizational app last week. Well that and I still don’t really
think of my tablet as a reading device, unless I’m on the treadmill.
And I’ve been lifting lately instead of walking.

Tonight though, a treadmill/comic book session. And I got signed up
to download those 700 #1 issues from Marvel too, so I should get my
link to do that sometime this weekend (I hope).

Really, I’m just kind of pouting that my next Superior Spiderman
*still* isn’t here. The subscription is cheaper, but man, it’s a long
wait for that first one! I’m going to the comic book store this weekend
to pick up some of the issues I’ve fallen behind on (Age of Ultron,
Justice League, etc). Dang it.

I’m nearly finished with The Third Gate
man, I tell you what. The imagination in this story is just crazy fun –
cool tech stuff and a tomb hidden in an impossible place…all very
plausible within the context of the story, of course. This is everything
I love in an action/adventure thriller…even has some paranormal
elements going on to pull the tension tighter. I wanted to just keep
going to the end last night, but alas, work. *sigh*

Blood Faerie is moving along too,
although slower just by default. It’s my lunch hour reading, and my
lunch hours have been going by too quickly these days. Still, the other
day I’d just reached the point at which I think I get to find out why
this faerie was kicked to the human-side of the curb when I had to put
it down – argh! Also, does anyone know what a “chippy” is in Scotland?
I’m pretty good at figuring out foreign terms from the context, and I
assume this is food of some sort, but I keep forgetting to look it
up…not that it’s important, just a minor detail mentioned in passing.

Waiting for me to finish one of these two books is my fellow Montana author Craig Lancaster’s latest “Edward” novel, Edward Adrift.
I have the paperback on order to get it signed Friday night at the
launch party, but since the ebook is free to borrow for Prime members, I
also have that on my Kindle because that’s the version I’ll actually
read. I’m a spine-breaker, so not a good idea for me to actually read
hard copies I want to keep for collector value. If you haven’t met
Edward, I’d highly suggest you introduce yourself (you know, by reading
the books) – he’s one interesting cat (in the figurative sense) with a
very unique outlook on life that we can all learn from, in my opinion.

And that’s pretty much my week in reading, if you don’t count the
draft from last year I’m reading through for revision purposes…

Here’s hoping this week is a bit more ripe for reading opportunities, eh?

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2 comments on “Talkin’ Books: Thrilling Tech, Fae Drama & Edward Adrift

  1. Carol

    A “chippy” is normally a term applied to a trampy female, a cheap floosie, a gold-digger a–you get the idea. 😉

    But it can also refer to a potato crisp so I guess it depends on the context.

    There must be something in the air because I haven’t been doing a lot of reading lately either.

  2. Jamie DeBree

    I’m pretty sure it’s a food item…as in, the detective stopped off for a chippy on the way to where ever. So, I doubt it was a tramp of some sort, though I suppose the possibility is there… LOL

    *sigh* on the no reading thing…