Talkin’ Books: Untangling Webs, Dragon Slayers & a Swamp in Egypt

Did you see the mess Marvel comics caused this week when they
announced that they were giving away 700 #1 digital comic books for a
couple days? Mass hysteria & chaos ensued when the poor Comixology
site couldn’t handle all the requests for free comics. Working in the
IT field, and with web stuff in particular, I feel for those guys. It
would be really difficult (if not impossible) to predict the kind of
server traffic an offer like that would create. They’re going to be
ready for a really long nap when this is all over…and a detox from all
the caffeine I’m sure they’ve ingested since last weekend…

Of course I’ll be getting in there to download some comics too once
they’re fully functional again. If I didn’t keep forgetting my dang
password, that would help, but I did download some free comics through
the Marvel app this morning (same engine powers both apps), so they’re
getting there. Weds is release day in the comic book world, so I know
they were scrambling to have everything at least running for the new
releases today.

As far as reading goes, I finally got The Amazing Spiderman #699 and #699.1 read, and I started on #700.
The whole Superior Spiderman storyline is clearer now, and I’m curious
as to how Peter Parker’s role will continue through the SS arc, and more
importantly, if he’ll ever truly meld with Dr. Ock in his former body,
or if he’ll be able to oust the intruder, or what. And will he keep some
of Doc Ock’s edge when that happens?

I was also wondering why Peter Parker is a total broad-shouldered
hunk in the comic books, and always portrayed by a short, skinny
youngster in the movies. What’s up with that, anyways? Give us eye
candy, comic book movie makers!

I also read Batman #0, which isn’t
actually the zero issue, but rather a sort of “catch-up & jump on”
point from last September. Comic continuities need these. Trust me. And
it was intriguing, but I’m on the fence about whether to hit the whole
series or not. There’s a new “Year Zero” story arc starting this summer –
I might wait and jump in then. Though the “Death in the Family” arc
covers make me want them for the artwork…

As for new comics this week, I bought The Age of Ultron #1,
which I told myself I would not buy because I do not need another
storyline to be sucked into. *sigh* Dang it. I was going to cut myself
off for the month, but discovered a bit of extra cash in the book biz
account, so we’ll see. I need to save for a new tablet (my screen is
getting flickery)…but there are some digital comics I want…but need
tablet to read digital comics with…catch 22, right there, eh? I can
always catch up on the comics, I guess.

On the Kindle, I had to put that paranormal romance I was reading
aside…I just wasn’t connecting with it at all (that’s not to say
others won’t, but I didn’t). Running through my digital TBR pile, I came
across another paranormal that caught my eye from the first page – Dragon’s Kiss
by Tielle St. Clare. This is not even remotely family-friendly, peeps –
it’s an erotic romance, and so far the storyline is very intriguing.
I’m looking forward to seeing whether Lorran can save the slayer who’s
been bitten by a dragon or not…

And of course I’m still working on The Third Gate
by Lincoln Child in paperback. Did you know there was a swamp in Egypt?
Me either, but the description makes it sound very daunting. In any
case, good book so far. As predicted.

I suppose that’s it for this week. As I mentioned, I’m both broke
and saving for a new tablet, but thankfully my TBR piles are all very
well stocked, so I’m not going to run out of reading materials anytime
soon. Heck, maybe I’ll even get caught up, eh? There’s a first time for

What are you reading this week? Anything I should put on next month’s “To buy” list?

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