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Superior Spiderman 25 & 26

Still slow on the reading front this week, but I did manage to finish The Blood Gospel…and
yeah. Is it May yet? That’s when the paperback comes out for the next
one in the series, and while I’m not foaming at the mouth for it like my
husband is, I’m definitely looking forward to continuing the story.
Who’d have thought that James Rollins would do vampires so well? Or
maybe that’s his writing partner, Rebecca Cantrell. Either way, it’s
excellent, and I’d highly recommend it.

I’m slowly (because it’s my lunchtime reading – don’t do this if you have a weak stomach, K?) getting through Tatterdemon
– it’s a tapestry of death, gore, and…well, random craziness, but I
feel like it’s all building up to…something. I’m just not sure exactly
what. I’ll say this though, it had better not be one of those books
where everyone dies in the end. Though I dare say the demon will
survive, eh? They do tend to be resilient that way…

There’s a story in this month’s Asimov’s
that I’ve been dying to read, and just keep forgetting about, but I
have a dentist appointment this afternoon so depending on the wait,
perhaps I’ll finally read it. I did steal a bit of time to catch up with
my Superior Spiderman comics, and all I can
say about that is..whoa! I’m insanely impatient for the next couple of
issues…I’m almost wishing I wasn’t a subscriber at the moment, so I
could just buy them right away when they hit the shelves. But I’ll wait,
I suppose… *sigh*

feel the need to mention that while there are a bunch of books being
released this week (including from me *ahem*), there are two that you
really, really should look for, from author friends of mine who I
recommend without any hesitation whatsoever:


The Corpse of Madeline Hill by Edward Medina (link goes to his Amazon page, where it should be up shortly, since the release day is today)

could tell you about them, but it’ll be better if you just click the
links, read about them, and then buy yourself a copy. I promise you
won’t regret buying/reading either one! These authors are top-notch.

it for today…here’s to TBR piles that never get smaller (because it
would be sad to actually run out of things to read, don’t you think?).

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