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Last week was a weird, disjointed week with my husband gone and me
struggling with…stuff, to be politely vague. I didn’t get much reading
done – or anything else for that matter, and a couple of the things I
did read aren’t books I’d mention here (though if I get my butt in gear,
I’ll mention them on my alter-ego’s blog eventually). And so far this
week, my reading time has been next to null with deadlines to meet and
more revision hell. But if I can just get everything done that needs to
be done this week, I’ll be looking at an easier schedule again for

Free Fall was good – I enjoyed it, which
surprised me. I think I mentioned that I’m not really one for the
witch/mage/demon trope in romance, but this was very well done, and the
characters were extremely well developed, even in the short space of a
novella. I wouldn’t mind continuing on with this series, if there are
more. I might check into that next payday…

The other two books I read were erotic romance on the extreme end
of the spectrum, and were also very good, if extremely intense.
Certainly not for everyone, but I’ll try to make a point to get the
titles/links posted on my alter-ego’s blog later this week.

Yesterday I downloaded a new novella by Shiloh Walker that I’m
really looking forward to, and I’ve got my eye on another Vivian Arend
book as well, so hopefully my reading list will look a little better
next week. I also have a new stack of comics to read, including the new
Grimm series, and the first issue of The Black Bat, a re-telling of an
older pulp comic that I’m excited to check out. So lots of stuff waiting
to carry me away from the stuff in my head and out to more adventurous
worlds for awhile, if I can make some time soon!

What are you reading? Anything fun/interesting/surreal? I’m always open to suggestions for the list!

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