Talkin’ Serials & What’s Next?

First off, it’s come to my attention
that my blog email subscription doesn’t always work. Which is
rather inconvenient if you’re trying to follow one of my serial
stories via email. Obviously, I want to make this easy for people, so
I’ve decided to set up the serials with their own little newsletter

The kicker is, if you want all
of my blog posts, you’ll still either need to subscribe to the blog
and take your chances with the RSS feed, or catch the links on FB,
Tumblr and Twitter when they come out (honestly, that’s how I catch
most blog links anymore, so I won’t be offended if you just do
that). Using the “Follow on Facebook” button over there to the
left will ensure you get my posts in your FB feed, and “Liking”
my FB page will serve the same purpose.

If you only want the serial
novels, or if you want to ensure that you get them even if the other
feed is acting up, then you need to subscribe to the serial novel
newsletter to the left (where it says “Subscribe to Serial
Stories). The list for both Romantic Suspense serials (this blog and
the Fantasy Ranch blog) are the same, so no need to sign up twice.
There are separate lists for my erotica and thriller blogs that have
replaced the “subscribe via email” option in the sidebar for both.

As a perk for those of you who go to
all the trouble of signing up for the new list – Serial Story
Newsletter subscribers will get the week’s chapter around midnight
(MDT) instead of 6am (my time – 8am east coast). And when the
serial story is done and ready to publish, newsletter subscribers
will all get a coupon for a free digital copy of the final version.

Whew! Got all that? If it’s too
confusing, leave me a comment or email me and we’ll figure out how
to get what you need without too much overlap if possible.

So with all that taken care of…let’s
pick a new serial story! The Minister’s Maid will be posted
once weekly on Tuesdays at – so head over
there (or subscribe to the serial list) for your weekly visit to
Fantasy Ranch. It seemed more appropriate to put it over there.

As for this blog, the serial will go
back to one day a week on Fridays, and I have two stories for you to
choose from. They’re both stand-alone romantic suspense, and I make
no promises as to what the final length will be (Novellas? Novels?
Who knows?). Cast your vote either in the comments, on FB or Twitter,
and I’ll announce the winner on Monday.  


Story 1: Pass
the Pepper

Opening Scene: A nice
restaurant, and a first date. It’s awkward, boring, and
uncomfortable. Which sucks, because this girl has wanted to date this
particular guy for *ages*. She asks him to pass the pepper, and he
does, but then gets a strange look on his face. She excuses herself,
and goes to the restroom to call her friend. She needs a 911 assist
like 5 minutes ago to save her from this excruciating date. When she
goes back to the table, he’s gone. But there’s a note on the back
of the paid check, held in place with the pepper shaker. Stay

When his date leaves, he barely notices
– because he’s lost in a past memory triggered by the pepper
shaker. Realizing what he’s done, and that he’s put his date in
grave danger, he pays the check, scribbles a note on the back of the
receipt, and anchors it with the pepper shaker before he leaves.

His date is a reporter…and after
three nights of becoming increasingly angry about that note, she
decides to confront him. Only he’s not at his house. Or his job. Or
anywhere he should be. Finally she tracks him down and forces her to
tell him the whole story, and by then, it’s run or be killed… (?)

Story 2: Falling in

Romance or erotica writer goes to
Hollywood for the screening of a movie made from one of her books,
and several interviews/appearances for that. She figures that while
she’s there, she may as well see the sights, and get some new
experiences in, knowing it will spawn new ideas. She decides to visit
an exclusive nightclub, and rather than having anyone make a
reservation for her, she decides to stand in line with the other
hopefuls to see what it’s like.

This is the start of a stalker-story,
all wrapped up with misunderstandings, public insults, rock stars and
ultimately a near-breakdown. I actually have a full page of notes for
this, but if I showed them to you, it would give most of the story


I’ve had both of these ideas hanging
around for the better part of a year now, and I’m excited to write
either one, so there’s no bad choice here. What’s your pleasure?

If you’ve commented here before, your
comment should show up within a few minutes. If you’re new, I’ll
need to approve your comment before it’s posted this one time, but
after that you’ll be able to post without approval.

2 comments on “Talkin’ Serials & What’s Next?

  1. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    Either story sounds great to me. I’ll go for number 2. That has me on the edge of my seat already.


  2. Carol

    Only one installment each week for the two new serials? You slacker! LOL

    I’m with Ardee-ann on this one. I like them both but I vote for number 2.