Talkin’ Tattoos & Halloween

Tonight, I’m off to get a bee tattoo at Rise Again Tattoo. It’s a local shop that holds charity events every so often, and this past weekend, they happened to hold one to collect money for a fund that helps apiaries. I’m not generally big on charity events, nor do I get too excited about cheap tattoos (because with tattooing especially, you tend to get what you pay for). But I feel like this is a good cause, and I’ve been thinking I need a bee tattoo specifically for my Montana/nature sleeve in progress, so…I decided to take a risk. They were out of time before I finally stopped in, but gave me a voucher and an appointment so I could still participate, which was cool.

Understand, I’m not much of a risk-taker when it comes to tattoos. I normally have my tattoo work done by Andrew Hauck, owner of Ghosts of Grace Tattoo – he does good work with sharp lines, I like the way he interprets what I ask for, he’s fun to chat with, and also not uncomfortable to just be quiet with while he works. I was going to have him do a back piece for me last year, and then I couldn’t quite settle on exactly what I wanted stylistically speaking, and I decided to do the adult thing and pay off some bills instead of spending money on tattoos. If he’s still amenable to the idea, I’ll have him schedule me in for December to get started, now that I finally have a solid idea of what I want and why, and am kind of over the whole “financial adulting” thing for awhile.

The most important thing with Andrew is, I trust him. And tattoos are largely a matter of trust, if you care about getting a good tattoo. If you don’t, and just walking into a random shop and picking out a piece of flash to add to your collection is your thing, more power to you – I kind of wish I could be that person (it would make getting tattooed a lot less stressful, honestly), but I’m not. I’ve actually stressed more over this bee tattoo than I have over most of the pieces I have, just because the place I want to put it is right front and center on my forearm, and while I know most of the artists at this shop have good clean lines and sharp designs, I’ve also seen a few of the cheaper event tattoos from this shop (earlier events) that were…well, not the quality I’d want, personally. So it’s a bigger risk than I’d normally take – picking out some event flash (no, not the cheapest ones either – definitely at the higher end of the pay scale), and then trusting a new-to-me tattooer to make it look great.

So, we’ll see how it turns out. Fingers crossed, because there’s plenty of room where I want to put this little bee, and zero room for a cover-up if it somehow goes wrong.

There is another option, which is to go higher and use a spot on my arm with more room for a larger piece in an easier to hide spot. We’ll see which I’m in the mood for tonight when I get to the shop.

The other fun thing happening this week is…Halloween! Although it’s colder and snowier than normal, so it’s going to be…well, cold. But, it’ll still be fun to scare the kids daring enough to come out that night, and try not to blow a breaker in the process. I have Thursday off to decorate, hand out candy and tear down.

That reminds me – better charge my Zune! Yes, I still have one, and yes, it works great. Especially with our Halloween sound system that hooks into the lighting. A spooky night calls for spooky music!

Bees and ghosts are this week’s theme. Ghost bees? Hmm…that kind of gives me an idea for a story…

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