The Alarming Truth About Mornings


My new Pebble Time Round – backlit.

Four out of five mornings last week started out on a less-than-great note, all because I have to get up quite a bit earlier than my husband so we can both be ready for work on time. I typically get up between 5:30 and 6am, and he gets up around 8 (though he has me wake him up at 7 in case he feels like working out).

I used to use a really loud, annoying alarm in the bathroom (which is across the hall from our bedroom) to ensure I’d get up and out of bed on time. We’re both night people, which means mornings are painful for us anyways, and I can’t tell you how much I hated that alarm. But it did get me out of bed quickly…until one morning it didn’t. And then it didn’t again, even after I replaced the batteries. And I had to find something else to use.

I started using my cell (left in the bathroom so I’d have to get up)…but sometimes after a particularly late night I wouldn’t hear it. Sometimes hubby would though, and it would drive him nuts that I didn’t get up and shut it off right away. So I started using the clock radio alarm by the bed (the beeping one…the radio wouldn’t get me up), and setting the cell as a backup (in case I hit the snooze button or worse, turned off the bedroom alarm and went back to sleep). That worked fine for awhile too, but I still don’t get up as quickly as hubby would like most mornings, so he’s stuck listening to the alarm that early.

Last week, one morning I didn’t hear it, one morning I got up early (dog got me up) and forgot to turn off the alarm by the bed so it woke hubby up (and he couldn’t figure out how to turn it off), another morning I just didn’t move fast enough…you get the drift. There was only one morning the whole week that actually started off in a peaceful manner. The rest sucked, and when your morning starts off all angsty, the rest of the day doesn’t have much of a chance.

Needless to say, I’d had enough after the third morning, and that night, I decided to try one more thing before converting my office into a bedroom and just sleeping in there during the week. I ordered a smart watch – the smallest, most basic model with good reviews that I thought would work as a vibrating wrist alarm. I thought the “smart alarm” feature sounded neat, so I picked on that would work for that as well. My new Pebble Time Round was delivered Friday, and I tried it out right away for Saturday morning.


Epaper background – easy to see in sunlight, but a bit dim inside…

The “smart” alarm really isn’t smart at all…it runs through a third party phone app, and both Sat. and Sun. mornings it went off later than the “last possible time” I’d picked. Supposedly it can sense when you’re in deep sleep vs. light (based on your movements), but it’s not supposed to go past the time you pick as the last possible. So Sunday when I went back to bed after feeding the dogs, I just set the standard alarm on the Pebble itself, and it worked pretty well to wake me up around 10am.

So I’m going to try that this week – setting the pebble alarm to go off first, and then my cell alarm as a backup. If all goes well, hubby shouldn’t hear one alarm this week. If not…well, I may be shopping for a bed in the near future, as I’m kind of out of options. Fingers crossed – I’d really prefer not to convert the office. I suppose I could go back to the super-loud annoying alarm again, but that makes my mornings stressful too.

For those morning people out there wondering why I don’t just go to bed earlier…I prefer the night, always have. And late nights are the only time it’s quiet enough around here to get any writing done. To have a chance at “just waking up”, I’d have to go to bed (sleep) around 11:30pm, or even 10pm. Which would leave me absolutely no time at all for writing…or anything in the evenings, really. Just not happening.

Speaking of which, my “get ready for bed” alarm just went off, so I need to get this posted and head to bed so I can read for half an hour and then be asleep by 1am. Here’s hoping the vibrating alarm works well from here on out!

One comment on “The Alarming Truth About Mornings

  1. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    Oh Jamie, I feel your pain. I remember having to be at work early in the morning. Sometimes I would get home from work with only enough time to bathe, get dressed and go back to work. Other times I might have time to sleep for a few hours and then sleep right through the alarm clock at full blast right by my head and I mean only six inches away. I am a night person by nature. Mornings are so cruel and vicious. I hope that you are able to work something out. In the meantime, I am sending supportive energy to you as you work out a morning wake up routine. Hugs, Ardee-ann