The Excuses Post

The Writing Notes post for this week will be deferred to next week due to a day of unfortunate events. Lemony Snicket would be proud (if you don’t know who that is…you need to go look it up. Seriously – good stuff, people).

– I forgot my tea this morning when I left for work. (We’ll just call this the initial omen.)

– When I realized I forgot my tea, I grabbed .50 out of the car and decided to buy a Coke for caffeine. I’m a Coca-cola fan, always have been. When I got to the pop machines, the coke machine was broken. Had to drink Pepsi.

– At work, I tried incredibly hard to solve a problem for someone by the time I had to leave at noon, and couldn’t solve it (most frustrating).

– 2pm – 4pm I was at the dentist for a root canal. About half-way in, a file that should “never break” broke while the dentist was filing out one of the canals. Which means he had to do the rest of the filing inside the canal by hand rather than with his power tools…which took forever, and gave him one heck of a hand cramp. He was able to finish the root canal, but had to stop there since there was still a couple hours left of filling/misc. work left to do and his hand was shot. So I have to go back next Tues. to get it finished.

– Went to pick up hubby from work (we share a car), was following the law by *waiting* for a person to make a left turn and almost had a collision with the impatient idiot who was on the shoulder trying to zip around those of us waiting when the first person finally turned.

– Went to dinner starving, but had to stick with easy-to-eat blintzes (which is only unfortunate because my jaw is sore, so it was hard to take bites.

Now my ibuprofen is finally working, I’m at home on my comfy couch, eating cheesecake and trying to decide whether to do something productive, or read a book.

Actually though, none of that is why you didn’t get a Writing Notes post today. The reason for that is because Monday night I stayed up until 4am reading a book, and got about 2 hours worth of sleep, so I went to bed early last night, and got 6 hours of sleep. Which is apparently too much, given today’s events. 4-5 is about perfect, and that’s what I’m aiming for tonight.

So, honey’s…how was your day?

3 comments on “The Excuses Post

  1. Carol

    Wow, you really did have quite the day! It’s too bad you didn’t turn back after forgetting your tea. 🙂

    I am also a die-hard Coke fan.
    I feel for you regarding the root canal – I’ve had four of them. The first two were many years ago when they had to be done by hand over the course of several weeks.
    I think cheesecake is a proper reward for the day you’ve had and you should treat yourself to some reading. 😉

  2. anne gallagher

    Pepsi is bad. If I couldn’t drink Coke I’d be a zombie. Although if I only 4-5 hours of sleep a night, I definately be a zombie. Although I have been known to stay up until 4am to read a book.

    So sorry about the root canal. Have some more cheesecake.

  3. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    My goodness what a day you had. I don’t know which was worse the root canal or the Pepsi. Really, I don’t, ack! Okay, the root canal is worse and I am so sorry there were problems doing the dental work. Bless your heart. I hope today is better and that your jaw is not too sore. Hugs, Ardee-ann