This & That

There’s been a lot going on in my head recently, so focus is not exactly my strong suit at the moment. It’ll pass, it always does. But for now, a smattering of what’s occupying my mind for the dangerously curious (or insomniacs) among you:

– My new Pebble smartwatch works great for telling time, getting notifications without having to look at my cell, and alarms when I’m already awake. It does not, however, work well for waking me up. Dang it. It did work twice last week, and I think part of the problem is that I sleep on my right side, and unlike most right-handed people, I also wear my watch on my right wrist. Which means the vibrations are probably absorbed by my comfy mattress…

So I shall try wearing the watch on my left arm tonight (which will probably keep me awake, ironically enough). I ordered a metal band too – which I think will conduct the vibrations rather than absorbing them like leather does. We’ll see. Luckily, my cell has been working fine and not waking my husband up too badly in the mornings, so there’s that.

– Hubby and I need to get our eating under control again (can you say “proper portion sizes”?), so I really do need to get some menu planning and calorie-tracking going again this week. I know once I get into that mindset it won’t be a big deal, but it really is time & energy consuming when getting everything set up. It would be great if there was a tool/app out there that would allow me to track us *both* without two different accounts, but so far, I haven’t found one. If you know of one, I’d be grateful for the referral…

– A group of local authors/readers is starting up a Bookstore Co-op here in town (well, they started planning last spring), which I wasn’t terribly excited about until I heard that they hired a very experienced bookstore owner from another nearby town to come in and run the place, *and* move the tea bar from his bookstore here in a lessor capacity as well. You know I love books, and tea, and considering how successful the new manager was/is with his other bookstore, I’m excited now. He’s got a lot of plans to keep the place hopping, and I’m really interested to see how it all plays out. I’m planning to invest/buy stock in the venture, I’m just trying to decide how much. Yes, there are perks for both authors and tea-lovers depending on investment level…and I get my longevity check this week. Exciting!

– My to-do list for the yard and gardens is about a mile longer than the time I have/will have available this summer, so making priorities on that is difficult.

– I stayed up way too late last night listening to/buying music. I generally prefer to buy the album on CD if I want at least a couple of songs, to support the artist and so I have a hard copy if anything happens to the digital copies. But three of the CD’s I bought last night came with auto-digital-downloads, so of course I downloaded them, and had to listen to a few songs here and there, and make some new playlists, and…well, I would have been better off just writing this blog post and getting to bed. For the curious, I bought new albums by Rob Zombie, 3 Doors Down, Disturbed, Shinedown, and Theory of a Deadman. Good stuff.

– I’m itching for a new tattoo. You’d think the book I’m reading right now would discourage that, given that the villain is a tattoo artist who works in poison (The Skin Collector – Jeffery Deaver…slow in spots, but overall okay), but much to the contrary, I’m thinking it’s time to see if the guy who does my tattoos wants to tackle one of the designs that’s been stewing in my brain for awhile now. I’m sure he’s getting busy now (’tis refund time), but I might see if he has some time for a small one if he can’t fit the larger one in…

I have a tattoo shop mystery series waiting to be read too (courtesy of my sister who read them first).

– Lots of work stuff (nothing bad, just problems to solve & code to write), that will remain vague just because I feel like it should.

– There’s an art exhibit at the old state prison that I’d really like to see, but I don’t think I can leave the dogs overnight just yet. And the exhibit ends on June 30th. But maybe I’ll change my mind while there’s still time. We’ll see.

– I have three books I want to finish writing by the end of the year, two started, and I’m having a heck of a time getting back into a regular writing habit (though I did better last week, finally). Thing is, I really do want to write, and I enjoy it once I get into the groove, so to speak. But with so much else going on, it’s hard to sit and just…allow myself that simple pleasure. I’m working on it. I’m better when I’m writing, even if the writing goes nowhere.

So there you go – a peek between my ears, so to speak. With any luck, I’ll have some of this worked out by next week, and I can pick a topic to focus on!