TV, Lower Prices, & Random Rambling…

It’s Fall! And the last week in September, which just happens to be premiere week for most of my favorite TV shows. Hooray!

What shows are on my radar this year? Pretty much the same as last year, unless our local FOX station can get it’s signal boosted so we can watch Sleepy Hollow (though if it doesn’t, we’ll catch up online)…

The Voice
Castle (duh)
Person of Interest
Criminal Minds
The Big Bang Theory
Once Upon a Time

There are a couple others that don’t start until later, of course – I’ll give Once Upon a Time in Wonderland a try, and of course I’ll be watching Grimm again. 

Ah, crime dramas. You are my not-so-guilty pleasures. Welcome back!  

In other unrelated news, I’ve decided to drop my prices on the Fantasy Ranch books to $2.99, effective immediately. So if you’ve been thinking of picking one (or all) of them up, they’re now more affordable and ready to be…well…read. Enjoy! 

Let’s see…what else? My apologies for being a bit disjointed – it’s Sunday night as I write this, of course, and I’ve spent the weekend with no real plan, just jumping from project to project as the urge hits. Saturday that strategy worked pretty well (which is odd – spontaneity generally equals complete lack of productivity for me). Sunday, not so much (as normal – I should have made a list). 

The audiobook of Deadly Chai is in production now, and coming along quite well if I do say so myself. I’ll be listing English Breakfast for narration soon – with any luck, they’ll both be out by Christmas in audio. I also did some knitting and crochet this weekend, did a few audiobook covers, and worked on a Halloween/October blog party I’m putting together for my suspense/horror pen name’s blog. I also ordered updated business cards, since I’ll be attending one day of a local writer’s conference this coming Saturday, and mine were out of date. 

So I did get “stuff” done…it just doesn’t feel like enough. But that may be because I still have a lot more on the to-do list that will have to be completed before the end of the week. 

And so it goes. 

Speaking of the list, here it is: 

– Print formatting & covers for three horror short stories
– More prep work for the Month O’Screams blog party
– Serial scene for JB
– Finish another Holiday serial story, and start the third
– Update several web sites
– Keep working on Christmas gift projects (knit & crochet)

That’s it, that’s all, there ain’t no more. Or so I’m going to pretend, anyways. 

Here’s to the beginning of fall, sweatshirts and warm weather meals! Bring on the changing of the leaves!

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