Variety News 2/14/10

Happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂

We’re feelin’ the love around here today! I’ve gotten three blog awards in the past week or so, and I’m going to pass them all on today to spread the bloggy love around. But first, a quick look at this week’s schedule.

This Week on The Variety Pages

Monday: Weekly Goals
Tuesday: Construction Zone – What Does My Character Want?
Wednesday: Writer, Brand Thyself – Time Management
Thursday: Wildcard – Contentment
Friday: Chapter 7 of Indelibly Inked

Elsewhere on The Variety Network

Spiced Variety Pages – The body part of the week for Massage Me Monday is “hips”. 250 words or less, sweet or sensual, no dialogue. Join us! And don’t forget the Friday Flash Me posts, available from 5pm to midnight every week.

Nail Art Tuesday will feature a hot pink base with black decals and glitter tips.

Short & Dry will feature my tentative planting schedule for the year on Tuesday.

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On to the awards! One caveat – these are all “no obligation” awards to the winners – if you don’t do them or have gotten them before, just know that I appreciate your blog and leave it at that. 🙂

Thanks to Medeia Sharif for The Silver Lining Award! I get to pass this on to five other blogs – and the winners are:

The Lost Wanderer
Random Thoughts of the Writerly Kind
Girl Meets World
Eisley’s Ellipses

I also received the Over the Top award from Lost Wanderer – thank you! When awarded with the Over the Top Award, you must mention the person who gave it to you and their blog, give one word answers to the following questions and pass on the award…

Your Cell Phone? Non-existant
Your Favorite Food? Pizza
Your Hobby? Reading
Your TV? Non-reality
What Are You Wearing? Slippers
Your Life? Excellent
Your Music? Eclectic
Where Did You Grow Up? Montana
Your Car? Subaru

I’ll  pass this on to three more “over the top” bloggers:

Author Jody Hedlund
Elana Johnson (Mindless Musings)
Annarkie (Supernatural Smut)

And finally, one I’ve receieved before, but it’s worth repeating so I can pass it on again – the Honest Scrap award from Regan Leigh. Thanks Regan! “Share ten honest things about yourself and pass this lovely gift on to ten other Honest, Upstanding and “Scraptastic” bloggers.”

10 Things About Me (that you may or may not already know)

1. I don’t like milk chocolate – must be dark, and only a little at a time.
2. Hubby and I never lived together the seven years we dated. People tend to find that odd for some reason.
3. I don’t have kids by choice – never really wanted them, happy without them.
4. I have no interest in Hollywood gossip.
5. I’m not a good housekeeper.
6. I like to sit/stand at the outskirts of parties and watch people, rather than actually interacting.
7. I have an over-developed sense of “ownership-ethics”. I have trouble taking free candy off tables at a trade show.
8. Some of the ebooks I’ve read would make a majority of people blush at the content.
9. Hubby proposed to me at his favorite bar, drunk. After I said yes, we went with the rest of the group to a strip club. It amused me.
10. I used to be a member of an African Violet growing club. I still love AV’s, and grow several.

So…ten blogs to award with this one! Here we go…

Writing, Food & Life
Natalie Bahm
J. Koyanagi
Working My Muse
Geek Treasure
Scarlett Parrish
Editing Hat.
The Romantic Query Letter & The Happy-Ever-After
Eye Feathers

All honest, hard-writing folk – check them out when you have a few minutes.

That’s it for me this week – anything I should look for on your blog?