Variety News 2/21/10

The holiday set me back last week – I’m not sure why that happens, since theoretically I have more time, but it always does. I spent the rest of the week scrambling to keep up, but it all ended up just find in the end. Unfortunately, we currently have a tie on the Indelibly Inked poll, so if you have a few minutes – do me a favor, and be a tie breaker!

I got a fun award this week from Jess at Girl Meets Word wherein bloggers are making up fictional statements for readers to guess at. I so appreciate the award, but this weekend I’m in the position of having to choose – spend the time doing the award, or get back to my WIP. The WIP wins this time…but you should all head over to her blog and read her entertaining answers. Thanks so much, Jess! 🙂

This Week on The Variety Pages

Monday: Weekly Goals
Tuesday: Construction Zone – Making Peace with Rewrites
Wednesday: Writer, Brand Thyself – Blogging
Thursday: Wildcard – Gotta Eat…
Friday: Chapter 8 of Indelibly Inked

Elsewhere on The Variety Network

Spiced Variety Pages – The body part of the week for Massage Me Monday is “ears”. 250 words or less, sweet or sensual, no dialogue. Join us! And don’t forget the Friday Flash Me posts, available from 5pm to midnight every week.

Nail Art Tuesday will feature a hot pink base with black decals and glitter tips – the one I never got around to posting last week. The good news about this is, I’ll always be a week ahead from now on…

Short & Dry – I finally posted my tentative planting schedule on Saturday…I’m starting seeds this weekend! Another post sometime this week after everything is organized.

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That’s it for me – I’m diving back into revisions now. Anything I should watch for at your place this week?