Variety News 2/28/10

Last week was a rather unproductive week. I’ve been having those too
much lately – and a lot of it is caused by  slipping out of my routine
for too many days in a row. Nothing to do but just keep on pushing
through. I’ve got personal deadlines for both of my WIPs and the next
one I’ll be revising, and as those start getting closer, I’m willing to
bet my motivation gets stronger. I’ve always been a “last minute” kind
of gal.

Anyway. If you haven’t voted on this week’s (short) chapter of Indelibly Inked yet,
and you want to, get it done before noon (please). I’ve decided to
close the serial novel poll at noon on Sundays now rather than
midnight, so I can write the next chapter before I get entangled in the
work week – thus preserving my Thursday night writing time (which has
been “stolen” by the serial lately). Can’t let the blog get in the way
of the writing – without the writing, there would be no point in the

This week’s social media post is on blog
content and networking with blogs, so I’m taking a poll. If you
wouldn’t mind helping me out, take a few minutes to choose all the
answers that apply at the end of this post.

This Week on the Variety Pages

Monday: Weekly Goals
Tuesday: Construction Zone – Efficiency
Wednesday: Writer, Brand Thyself – Blogging Pt. 2, Content & Networking

Friday: Ch. 9 of Indelibly Inked

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Spiced Variety Pages:
This week’s body part is “forearm”. Wanna play? 250 words max, no
dialogue, sweet or sensual. And I promise I won’t forget the Flash Me
post this Friday. 

Nail Art Tuesday: I think a wee bit o’ the green is appropriate for March, so something green on my nails this week. 

Short & Dry: I’ve got sprouts! This week, I’ll post my planting progress and some photos of the Dahlias popping up in the trays. 

That’s it for me this week – what’s going on in your part of the blogosphere?