Variety News 3/28/10

It’s kind of been a long week…I hope all of you have had an easier one. I’m finally starting to feel a little better, so hopefully my energy will come back up in the next day or so.

If you’d like to read the serial draft of Tempest in non-serial form, it’s now available in .pdf format on my web site. All normal caveats on reading first draft material apply, of course. If I get some time this week, I’ll move my flash pieces over there as well.

I’d like to start featuring new releases for the week, either in this news post, or in the sidebar. If you have a preference, or a new release coming out soon, let me know, and I’ll add it to the list. I’m also working on hosting some blog tours, so if you’re interested in stopping by on a blog tour, email me and we’ll talk dates.

I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers are responding to comments via email now. I find it slightly unsettling, especially when it’s someone I don’t know, but it is a good notification of who’s responded to a comment I made somewhere (I do go back and check where I’ve left comments, but I know many don’t). If you wouldn’t mind, please take a minute and participate in the poll at the end of this post – I’d like to get an idea of how many readers would appreciate this feature, or have an opinion one way or the other.

This week on The Variety Pages

Monday: Weekly Goals
Tuesday: Construction Zone – Implementing Revisions
Wednesday: Writer, Brand Thyself – Twitter Tip Sheet & Facebook Intro
Thursday: Wildcard – Foolish Games
Friday: Serial Novel – Chapter 13 of Indelibly Inked


Nail Art Tuesday features a purple polish with black rhinestone accents.

That’s it for me this week – anything we should look for at your place?

5 comments on “Variety News 3/28/10

  1. BigWords88

    The biggest issue for me when commenting is that I have so many bookmarked blogs that I find it difficult to remember where I made a specific point, or addressed an issue before. Having e-mail reminders is a handy nudge in the ribs to remind me to return and see what discussions have developed from a comment I have made, or to see differing opinions on a matter which interests me.

    I tend to subscribe to blogs (when I remember to click the buttons that is) because drop-down menus are a pain to negotiate once they hit a certain critical mass – more than 500 links and I’m rarely return to the same place twice in a month. I’m currently in the process of culling bookmarked links in favor of receiving e-mail updates from blogs for this very reason.

  2. Carol

    I voted, now I need to practice what I preach! 😉

    I’ve been reading other blogs but haven’t had much time to comment on them, which is ironic because I really like getting comments myself.

  3. Jamie D.

    Thanks Carol. Looks like the overwhelming majority wants an email nudge – so now I’m trying to figure out how to do that efficiently.

    I bet it’s harder to comment when you’re working full time now, eh? I notice your comments here are at night now – figured it was because you’re working.

  4. Jamie D.

    All very good points – thanks for your thoughts (and sorry to reply so late…normally I’m faster). I use a reader to skim blogs, and keep the ones I’ve commented on marked “unread” to remind me to go back next time I’m skimming through and check for replies/discussions. But the email nudge certainly would help, and apparently the majority of my readers agree…so I’m implementing email replies as well.

  5. Brylee

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