Variety News 3/7/10

First, I want to let you all know that the lovely Samantha Hunter hasstarted a blog called Life’s A Beach. Head over and check itout…she’s just getting started with it. I’m sure it’s going to begreat fun.

I was positively *swamped* at work this week – my apologies for not quite making the rounds of all your wonderful blogs. In fact, I hardly had time to respond to comments here this week, but thank you to everyone who left a note. I always appreciate hearing from you, especially in light of the fact that blogger isn’t always an amiable host.

Which leads to my big announcement for the week – The Variety Pages is moving to a new location and a cleaner, less cluttered template. The new address is, and it’s live and operational now – I’ve been double posting over there for the past week or so. If you’re following via the Facebook Networked Blogs program, you don’t need to do anything – the link will automatically change (I’ve changed the feed address already). Likewise if you’ve subscribed through my feedburner feed (anyone who simply “subscribed” to this blog should be getting that feed). That will automatically change too.

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to change the Google reader feed…which means those of you who follow the blog through the Google friend connect widget will need to re-subscribe at the new blog (friend connect doesn’t work on my new platform…my apologies). I hope you will still join me over there. I have a button to subscribe with google – if you click on that, you can choose the google reader and my posts will show up there again. There are also some other subscription links as well as an email subscription link at the new blog if you’d prefer to use one of those. Or you can simply change your link to my blog – which reminds me, if you do link to my blog, I’d be grateful if you would change those links to the new site.

The blogger blog will remain as an archive, for several months at least. I’ll double-post for one more week to make sure all the feeds get transferred okay, and then I’ll be posting solely at my own domain after that.

Why? Well, a post by another author moving her blog made me reconsider my decision to stay with blogger after I read that they were arbitrarily deleting music blogs…apparently there was a whole scandal involving music google thought was pirated, but really wasn’t. The thought that google can arbitrarily decide to remove blogs without any forewarning or proof of wrongdoing doesn’t really sit well with me. There are also little nits that bug me, like the fact that I’ve often had people tell me they have a hard time leaving a comment, and I have the same problem leaving comments on other blogs too. Overall blogger has been a good platform, but I feel like I’ve kind of “outgrown” it, for this particular blog anyway. My other blogs will stay for now, though they may move in the future too.

This Week on The Variety Pages

Monday – Goals
Tuesday – Construction Zone: Sets
Wednesday – Writer, Brand Thyself: Blogging Tip Sheet
Thursday – Wildcard: Working Through Stress
Friday – Serial Novel: Ch. 10 of Indelibly Inked

Elsewhere on The Variety Network

Spiced Variety Pages – This blog is going on hiatus for now…I just don’t have time to put the posts together, at least not this week.

Nail Art Tuesday – I’m still feeling the “green”, so another green manicure this week.

That’s what’s going on around here this week – anything I should watch for over at your place(s)?

4 comments on “Variety News 3/7/10

  1. Carol

    At least you have a legitimate excuse for your lack of presence in the blog-o-sphere. I was barely able to meet my posting deadlines ’cause I was too busy reading! 😮

    While I’m sorry to see Spiced Variety go on hiatus, I can certainly understand the reason for it. If you spend all your time blogging you won’t have any left for working on your novels and I want to see you make that May 1st deadline!

  2. Jamie DeBree

    Yeah, well, books were definitely a distraction this week as well. I read far more than I should have last week. 😉

    I’ve let blogging take too much of a precedence lately. Time to correct that,hard as that is…

  3. Meg

    I like the new setup!

    Nothing interesting in my world, just ill. 🙂

  4. Jamie DeBree

    Thanks Meg! And I hope you feel better very soon…sorry your hubby had to share his cold. 🙁