Variety News 4/11/10

I’ve been thinking (I know, I can’t help it). I’ve decided that I need to cut back my blogging days. I’ve figured out what keeps me from working on my WIPs until everything else is done for the day (blogging, etc), and I’ll be posting about that for the next Wildcard topic – but it’s relevant to this decision. I’ve found it works best to adjust my routines to “flow” with my natural inclinations, and I’m going to be doing some adjustments to how/when I set up my blog posts. It will be easier to do that if I can take two days a week off (if I host blog tours or guest posts that I don’t have to write, they’ll be on one of those days).

This week will be mostly the same – the only difference will be no post on Thursday. The Wildcard posts will move to Sunday one week from today. I’m going to recombine this “News” post with the Monday “Goals” posts. I’ll be finishing up the “Writer, Brand Thyself” series this Weds., and the Construction Zone will move to Wednesdays after that. So after this week, I’ll be taking Tues/Thurs off from posting.

This Week on The Variety Pages

Monday: Weekly Goals
Tuesday: Construction Zone – Back story
Wednesday: Writer, Brand Thyself – Facebook Tip Sheet
Thursday: No Post
Friday: Chapter 15 of Indelibly Inked
Saturday: Notable Posts
Sunday: Wildcard topic – Going with the Flow

Because I’m going to combine the weekly schedule with my goals post, I’m going to stop posting notices for my other blogs. If you follow me on twitter or friend me on Facebook, you’ll see automatic notices when there’s something new on those through my status reports, and can click through if you’re interested.

The weekly newsletter will continue to go out on Sundays. Not a subscriber? Sign up here.

That’s what’s going on around here this week – what’s going on at your place?