Weekly Archive: June 19 – 25, 2011

Time for another edition of “chase the author around the ‘net”, which is probably better than chasing the author “into” a net, eh? Here’s a list of last week’s posts in case you missed anything:


Romantic Suspense
Chapter 6 of The Minister’s Maid (FantasyRanchNovels.com)
Chapter 6 of Falling in Public (The Variety Pages)

Chapter 15 of The Mechanic (TrinityMarlow.com – Adults only, NSFW)
Chapter 16 of The Mechanic (TrinityMarlow.com – Adults only, NSFW)

Chapter 47 of Angel Eyes (AlexWesthaven.com)


Writing Notes: Trust the Characters (The Variety Pages)
Newscast & Weekly News (Snake Bites)


Nail Art
Tanzy Citrus Clay Cane Art (Nail Art Tuesday)

Review: Pure Matcha Black (Tea on Tap)

Health & Personal Wellness
Code Name: Succulent – Prioritizing (The Variety Pages)

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Thanks for reading…see you next week!